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An Analyse Of Oath Of Chinese Communists Party (CCP)

An Analyse Of Oath Of Chinese Communists Party (CCP) by Wo Long  

Because of the lack of pursuing of permanent truth and the lack of regulating deeply in the heart, oath of Chinese Communists Party is constantly changing, just like chameleon and can be divided into five different stages.

During the Red Army period: oath of Chinese Communists Party sounded as strictly keep secrets of the Party, Obey the disciplines of the Paty, Sacrify the individual. Class Struggle, Revolution and betray the Party never.

During the Sino-Japannese War: I voluntarily join in the Chinese Communists Party, My only will is to carry out the communism till the end. I shall follow the disciplines of the Party without any doubt and I vow that I shall not be afraid of any difficulties and I am prepared to scarify my life at any time for the Party.

During the Civil War: I voluntarily join in the Chinese Communists Party and I vow: 1. that I shall fight for the Communisms for my whole life. 2. That the benefits of the Party stays as the most important in my life. 3. That I obey the disciplines of the Party. 4. That I will not be afraid of any difficulties in carrying out of the activities of the Party . 5. That I shall be a model for the people. 6. That I shall keep the secrets of the Party. 7.That I trust the party. 8. That I shall never betray the Party.

After the establishing of the Peole’s Republic of China: I swear that I voluntarily join in the Chinese Communists Party. I acknowledge the constitution of the Party. I shall carry out the decisions of the Party. I shall obey the disciplines of the Party. I shall keep the secrets of the Party. I am ready to scarify everything of me and I shall fight for the liberalisation of all human beings.

After the 12th Party Congress: I voluntarily join in the Chinese Communists Party. I support the constitution of the Party and acknowledge the statute of the Party. I shall carry out the decisions of the Party and keep the secrets of the Party. I swear that I am loyal to the Party and I shall work for the Party for my whole life, I am ready to scarify my life and everything of me for the Party and for the people. I swear I shall never betray the Party.

Chinese Communists Party, when read all these oaths you asked your members to swear, I laugh painfully.

In the human World, the biggest discipline is the discipline of the Heaven. In the human heart, the biggest conscience is the Heavenly Conscience. China, as an old nation, has a very long tradition in the worship of Heaven and God. If people trust in Heaven is Heaven there. If people trust in God is God there. To trust in Heaven and show love to people around, makes a person complete. People can understand Heaven and God as uprising of the natural laws and as agreement of human conscience. It is a morality that people help each other instead of stealing from others. If people follow this without doubt and stay unmoved. They will become Heaven and God themselves.

If you do not acknowledge the existence of Heaven and God. You can understand Heaven and God as highest level of morality and conscience. Every member of the human being needs to live under protection of morality and conscience, unless you are not human but a devil who curses human beings.

Chinese Communists Party denies absolutely the existence of Heaven and God and calls on to fight against Heaven, against Earth, against Nature. No matter how evil is will be, CCP enjoys all kinds of disasters. I want to ask if a person does not acknowledge Heaven, how can he follow the Heavenly disciplines and how can he obey the Heavenly conscience? Can any oath of such a person to Heaven and any promise of such a person to a fellow human being be true? I am sure that CCP knows about this. That is why CCP changes its oath constantly! That is why CCP asks specially its members to swear that they shall never betray the Party. It emphasises on that its member shall be loyal to the Party and asks them to scarify everything of them voluntarily. In all the versions of CCP oath I do not read any words about punishment if its members do things wrong. It is NOT important how bad they are, if they scarify themselves to the Party! 

Yes. Now we understand why so many CCP members are wrong doers!

When an oath does not function as oath, a promise does function as promise, how can the members “never betray” so as they are asked to swear. In fact, CCP has kidnapped from the very beginning all members by seducing them to voluntarily “scarify” what ever they have. All goes on about the Party. Benefit of the Party is the highest. None of own bodies, own lives, own families is as important as the Party. When the members are forced to scarify every thing they have, they will have nothing for themselves any more. They become dependent on the Party, even their souls are a part of the party. They live in the favour of the Party. They will off course “never betray” the Party. CCP uses the fact that members “never betray the Party” to show how good is the Party, in order to promote the party. Because the members “never betray” the Party, CCP has relatively a big amount of members. This is used by CCP to show the power to the society. CCP is really very successful in this way to make the members and non members depend on its power and have no other choice.The oath of CCP is poison which is injected into people. 

Before CCP members get to be free, all of them need to be cleaned from this poison.

I have a question: For a person in the human life, what is the worst situation including punishment from Heaven and including all coincidences of personal disasters? Answer: Sacrify every thing. Offer everything! 

This is the worst situation for any person alive. There is NO other situation which is worse than this. NO MORE. And we know this shall never happen if not deprived by others. Heaven/God shall never let anybody suffer like this. Yet CCP seduces people to chose “voluntarily” for this situation! From the very beginning of their choice, people are driven to this worst situation of humanity. CCP uses its flowers of evil and its fruit of poison to seduce people to “chose” for the worst before they realised. People became unmerciful. They abandon their wives and their children in order to carry out the Party’s duties

When this happens to the people, I ask you, evil CCP, besides you, who else does dare to cause disasters for the country? Who else does dare to deprive people from every thing? Who else is able to stay unmoved after crime? Who else is able to stay in power while doing evil? 

Only the evil from the hell dares to declare that to deprive people from everything they have is necessary. So is CCP!

Evil CCP, you use your evil oath to kidnapt all Chinese people and make them as your offers. From the first day of birth, people are forced to accept that benefits of you is the most important in their life. People are forced to scarify for you. People have nothing for themselves, either materially nor spiritually. You have made people as prisoner in the hell. 

Evil CCP, under your regime, people suffer from much and too much injustice and peole are not able to stand up to say “NO” to you. You use this as excuse for unlawful and unjustified power. But Evil CCP, you should know that people do want to betray you. They do want to stand up and fight against you. But you have successfully made them disabled. They let themselves deprived by you till one day they wake up from the poison you have forced to them.

Evil CCP your oath is factually: Join in me, Sacrify for me. Offer me. Be slave of me. For ever! This is the real meaning of your oath which you ask your members to swear.

Evil CCP, in your oath, you are the centre of the world. Your benefits is everything. In your changing versions of oath, you are everything. Besides one time of the last version you mention “people”, you do not care about any body else, including the society. You are selfish, egocentric, evil! This is the original reason why the whole Chinese society today is selfish and domoralised。 You are a “model”of the society!                                                                                                     

Evil CCP, I  get to the bottom  of you and analyse you, so that the world shall understand your dirty evilness and that people understand justice and morality and shall be ableto live in freedom.

China june 2012

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