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An Introduction To 《Mao Zedong's Devil Way》

An Introduction To 《Mao Zedong's Devil Way》 by Wo Long

(It is a long introduction, but if you use some time to finish with reading it, it will help you easily open the door of the room of dictatorship)

I remember a historicist told once that Mao Zedong’s problem is the biggest problem of China. To solve the problem of Mao Zedong is to solve problems of China.
Mao Zedong’s influence upon China is really big, bigger than any other governors of China ever. In the Chinese history, there were governors who governed longer than hem. But none of those governors denied any other ideas than that of himself. None of those bad governors asked people to restrict their ideas to his idea only. None of them forbad people to believe in God or Buddha. No emperor asked people to recite his own words times a day. Except for Qin Shi Huang,even the worst emperors let people practise Confucius teaching.

But Mao Zedong did it. He created a system of thinking and words which can stimulate people to keep over active, again and again. In his society, people were forbidden to think any others things than Mao Zedong’s thinking. Even the old poems were seen as poison. He said that he was a Buddhist while forbad anybody practise Buddhism.

When the world is developed into the 20th century, the rest of the world is using logic and general reasoning as guide line in social and natural sciences, China was going totally to the opposite. Chinese people were guided with Mao Zedong’s personal will! And that is called the Highest Guideline. The whole Divine Land (an other word for China) was filled with Mao Zedong’s Highest Guideline, in killing pigs, in healing psychiatric patients and in collecting shits. Everywhere and everybody wrote Mao Zedong’s ideas if they wrote and talked with Mao Zedong’s words if they talked.

We can easily imagine what should have resulted to the Chinese! From the very beginning, idiots and ignorance were pushed into the brains of Chinese people.

His words were not philosophy, not logical, even not reasonable. Even if it is a philosophy with logic and reasons, mankind has never found that ONE person’s will can deny the general logic. Places were his words were used as Highest Guideline, people lived in deep water and hot fire. Yet, books of his words were the most spread ---His words were injected into the sea of the Chinese brains.
In his thinking we do not see any understanding of the nature----caused by his personal disability. Yet his thinking occupied the brains of the Chinese for a very long time. Some brains of the Chinese are still occupied today.
Every tiny gesture of hem made the Chinese mad.
He is in fact penetrated into the blood of every Chinese people.

Every thing he did, he used the most stimulated excuse. People were more than eager to listen, even to die.
Under the slogan of liberalisation, people were more than eager to offered every thing to hem, including their lives.
Under the slogan of serve the people, people have no reason to refuse hem and were more then eager to let manipulated by hem.
He said that he did everything according to the history’s trend, people dared not to act against history and agreed with hem.
He told that he was much red than the red sun, and that he was more affectionate than father and mother. People doubted hen never and defended hem till death.
People were unable to think that even thought you have saved us, I am grateful for you, yet you should now stay far from my personal things with my wife and my children.
People were unable to think, even though you serve me, but wait a minute, I have freedom to decide if you I need your service or if you are suitable to serve me.
People forgot to realise that every dictator in the history called himself Son of Heaven. They all said that they were product of the historical trend. What is contents of history? Is it not always defined by the ones in power?
People forgot to realise when they see most red sun, they see the darkness. They forgot to realise that a political leader is different from father and mother. If any political leader takes the places of father and mother, it means that this leader deprives successfully the normal affection of human beings. It means that one day one is able to kill the father and mother who are not so affectionate as the leader. If that happens, it is for sure the darkness in the hell.
Unfortunately this really happened, in China!!

After the establishing of the People’s Republic of China, everything he did leaded into a bad result. He said that there were even worse results in other places. Thus, people tried to liberate those who lived in others places, even though they were starving. Those who needed to be saved mostly were those who lived in the US and those in Taiwan, later also those in the Soviet Union. People danced and song to hem while they were weak and trilled in their legs because of hunger.
When people died, he said the death were heavier than Tai Mountains; They died gloriously. Thus people were more than eager to die than to live.
There should be ONE sun in the universe. Yet he said that there have to have two suns in the universe before he got the power. After he got the power, he said that he himself WAS the sun and even better than the sun.
What people need is to rest and to be happy. Yet he let people dozens of years live in extreme tense and let them fight and kill.
If there was no war against foreign countries, he let people to begin with civil war. During the killing in Chong Qing from 1967 till 1968, people were allowed to use military tanks! People were made to enjoy killing. No matter who died, people were glad to wrote on the grave :“ Gloriously died for in sake of defending Chairman Mao! Gloriously died for the sake of carrying out Mao Zedong’s thinking. Gloriously died for the sake of Central Committee of the Communists Party!”

He saw everybody as enemy. He let everybody became everybody’s enemy., except himself. Teachers, parents, sisters and brothers, good friends and relatives could be all enemy. They could be knocked down at any time.
People who made a suicide were called criminals under the name of “”self death against the people”. Their crimes were announced to the public and their dead bodies were bitten publicly. This was the biggest crime at that time and is the most creative word in the Chinese dictionary. Because of this crime, people, specially those who followed hem lived better in humiliation than to die.
People who died tens of years, even hundreds or thousands of years ago, even the statures in the temple were also his enemies. Graves were opened again, skillet were thrown in the air. Statures were thrown down. They needed to be tested if they were loyal to Mao Zedong while Mao Zedong’s words were loudly read to them.
Kill persons alive, kill persons dead. It horrified everyone to live and to die. Idiot story but true.
All people could be his enemy. Domestic, foreign, alive, dead, best friends ever, comrades, appointed followers by the Party could all be one day his enemy and could be punished unmercifully.
Yet he never said that anyone was his enemy. Instead, he told that there were some problems within the Party. There were anti-Party alliance within the Party. There were people who dared to be people’s enemy. In order to protect their fruit of revolution, people began to think everyone was such an enemy. People began with killing madly. More people became as mad as biting dogs.
Only he himself was not enemy of anybody. All people needed to protect hem and his thinking. Everybody needed to be his good student. If anyone did not shout his words loud enough, others had reasons to beat hem even kill hem. If anybody did not hang his portrait correctly, others had reasons to criticise hem and kill hem.
He did not join in these killings personally. Yet all killings happened because of hem and around hem. With human eyes, one can indeed not see the relationship between hem and all those killings.
He was really successful. So successful that even till today people still adore his success.

Under his government, people understood nothing about happiness. He said that following hem and listening to hem was the way to happiness. Those revolution airs and those who were his good student were the most happy people ever. People were not allowed to discuss about topics beyond this area. The ones who tried, were called Black Five or Four or anti-Party, or …. There were many other words to use.
People did not understand what in God’s name is Fruit of Revolutionary Victory. Many people even left the world before they tried to think about. Many more people believed in being allowed alive an being allowed to eat was happiness. Many other more people thought that seeing Mao Zedong standing on the Tian An Men Tower and knowing that Mao Zedong was still alive was Fruit Of Revolutionary Victory. He himself alone stood on the Tian An men Tower was the whole Chinese meaning!

He created a country where there was no need to discuss what is happiness and victory. After tens of years people still need first to understand what is Socialism. This means that wisdom of his country is zero or even minus! And it means that in his country happiness exponent is zero or even minus!
Till today, many people still dare not to say or even to think that such socialism is better never has existed. Socialism is like a huge iron pillar which is nailed on the head of people so that nobody see the space to feel free and to feel happy. Many horrible scenes about Socialism are swimming in the sea of Chinese brains, They are still huge burdens from which people are still not free.

What kinds of creative ability does such a country hold? What kind of ability of thinking does such a nation have? Yet people at that time thought that everyone around them were enemy! In this area people were totally free! Any topics beyond this area were seen as poison. Under the intensified atmosphere, people acted as an ant in danger. In order to survive, ants dared to hurt many other ants around and dared to stand on the bodies of other ants. They thought that they would be in this way safe. Thus, people easily used the their fists, whips, knifes, guns, canons, tanks, panzers to fight against who ever might be enemy. Yet they founded themselves still an ant in danger at the end.

Such a country, brain washed by his words, armed with this terrorists thinking, anyone who held own idea had no place to express. Even tens of years after his death, there is still no freedom to talk about. Ability of fighting was much higher than ability of creating. Ability to damage was much higher than ability to built. Both China’s ability and welfare fell far behind that of the normal countries at the same. Yet he covered the truth. He supported other countries materially was to show that China was rich. Shamelessly he said that China means more than other countries to the world.

With killing and fighting, what could China mean for the world?
With blood and torture, what could China give the world?
With pressure, what could China bring to the world?

What happened?
Why did people react like that?
Why did he act like that?
If he was Chinese, how could he said that he was grateful to Japanese invaders?
If he was Chinese, how could he refused help from outside when Chinese people were starving to death? How could he supported others countries with enormous food, instead?
If he was Chinese, how could he still stay in power while millions of Chinese died because of hem?
If he was Chinese, how could he support countries around China with enormous amount of money while Chinese were extremely poor?
If he was Chinese, how could he let Chinese people kill each other and were happily to see the killing of Chinese?
If he was Chinese, how could he let graves of thousands of years dig out?
If he dislikes the dead bodies, how could he avoid disliking the dead bodies when they were dig out?

If he was indeed almighty as he pretended to be, he should get to know it very well within one year about who is comrade, who is enemy, who is friend. If he was really so almighty as he pretended to be, he should have ability to make any enemy till friends. How could he need tens of years to let killing happen and could never be clear who is his friend? Maybe he was not almighty, even not capable to make friends but very capable in killing!
When he was busy with killing, he told always that such a person was a hidden enemy deep within the Party. Is it possible that any glorious idea can let any enemy deeply hidden? How is it possible that good friends, family members, appointed followers of yesterday become today suddenly enemy? Maybe it is true that his idea could create enemy, or even could turn friends into enemy? Or it is true that the process of accepting his idea is the process of changing bad. Or even one is not changed bad but could be labelled as bad?
If he really wanted to serve the people, how could he not understand what people need is to live simply and freely? How could he push people with revolutions of killing years in and years out?
If he really know the truth as he pretended to know, how could he not understand that truth does not exist in ONE person’s will, but in general logic?

Yet he was exactly born in China.
He was very successful.
Many people still believe that he is the greatest person ever.
He pretended to serve the people.
He was widely adored, more than anyone else in the history.
There are still many people who praise hem and sing to hem.

But, his ideas are not logical! He has made the Chinese ignorant. They do not know what is logic and they do not know that they should test an idea with logical reasoning. They have never had chance to hear about it.
His words and his deeds were opened only if the Party’s Central Committee decided and totally agreed. His real words and deeds were top secrets of the whole country. Most of the people never doubted. People were accustomed to believe in hem blindly.
There were some ones who doubted. Yet those people shall never get accesses to the right information. All negative information about hem was blocked. All these was to make hem more and more mysterious.

If you say that he was right, yet he has made the whole nation stagnated for tens of years without progress. If you call killing and fighting against each other is progress, he was then right.
If you say that he was wrong, yet he was the most successful person ever. He seized the absolute power of a great nation. He successfully manipulated people’s minds with his own mind. Even though himself and many others knew that 130, 000 pounds per mu (unit of land) was ridiculous, yet many people wanted to believe that. If you call this as right, he was then very right. Otherwise how could he, someone who believed that one mu land was able to produce 130,000 pounds, keep on power without any disagreements!
Yet people forgot that human deeds and human intentions are measured by morality rather than success. Human world is not Lions world. Human being needs spiritual foods besides material foods. Yet Mao Zedong centralised people to eat collectively while ignoring spiritual needs totally. For a period, people could not even feed with basically food. Huge amount of people died because of hunger. He saw people as animals living in favour of hem. If not they may die.
He became a mystery according to human being’s view. About hem, people get more confused than to be clear.

All indications show that his minds and his deeds deviated from human standard totally. Because he could not be explained with human logic, some of the people began to see hem as a god.
Yes. He did absolutely intervene the human lives. People indeed submitted to hem blindly. Those followed and believed in hem did thought that it was holy to do so.
Yet God intervenes the freedom of human life never. God creates the world and does not try to occupy the world. Just like mother to child, a mother gives birth to a child and never dreams to have the child back in her womb again.
Heaven to human is like mother to child, is merciful to give and never wants to occupy. From the moment when Heaven created the human world, freedom is given to human. Freedom, born gift from Heaven, exists all the time completely. Even the creator can never change it any more. If not, please try to put the child back to the womb of mother!
Only devil, because of jealousy, tries to seduce human to follow violence with beautiful words in order to occupy the human world. He says: Let’s unchain the world and let’s free the world and we will have the whole world!
Devil is putting the child back to the womb of mother! That child shall definitely be stifled. This is the real chain of human being, a catastrophe!

Yes, there is NO way of human being can explain his deeds and his mind’s. People who have got along with hem for tens of years, could not find any human logic in his thinking. Yet people do not know what is the crucial reason of his sickness. People knew that he was very successful and even today many people are still following his thinking as of that they are occupied by monsters.
Without hem, where shall China go? People dare even not to ask this initiative! By thinking of this, they begin with shivering! In China, there was never reason except for Mao Zedong’s existence. His existence was all logic!
No human words are able to explain his existence. No human logic is able to explain hem.

People were occupied by a monster! Mao Zedong was that monster. That is why his minds and his words and his deeds were not from human. Of course NO human logic is able to explain hem.
He was devil, he was monstrous snake.
He was in the beast from the sea, the red dragon, monstrous snake, so explained 13th carter of the Bible.
He had exaggerating and profaning mouth. All people followed hem curiously. He let portraits made and kill all those who did not worship his portraits.
He stamped all people, rich, poor, slaves or owners on their right hand or on their head. They were not allowed to do any business.
Surprisingly you will find No differences between the leaders of Chinese Communists Party and the evil dragons, beasts which are described in Book of Revelation of the Bible.
Mao Zedong is that evil dragon, that monster, that beast, that big snake who reincarnated to be Chinese in order to bring disasters to China, to swallow human blood, to shrive the devils diabolism. He was NOT any big person who is was produced by history each thousand years, but devil who comes out each thousand years. Each thousand years, devil reincarnates in human body in order to seduce the human being. With human logic, one will of course never understand hem. But now we understand this fact, we will easily understand everything.

If you do not believe me, please read my book. I am sure after you have finished with reading, you will be able to understand China. This book is maybe the first one which explains the reason why Mao Zedong is Mao Zedong. Figures in the book have a character of fiction, but all of them have prototypes in the reality. In comprising with the absurd reality of China, this book creates a way to express extreme absurdity on a absurd manner.
Finish reading this book, your eyes will be wide open to see what a hell in the earth was China under Mao Zedong! If you adore Mao Zedong personally you will also begin to think differently. You will abandon the devil´s way of doing. You will disgust its lies. Specially I need to make one thing clear , the happenings in this book are all real happened, I just rearranged them.

An other thing I need to tell. This book is in a form of novel with more 60, 000 characters. Like all emperors in the history, Mao Zedong also wrote poems. In order to express his mental state, I have in my book many times quoted his original poems with some modification. It does not matter if you like his poems or not, you can enjoy reading them. My book provides evidences and logical reasoning for you to rethink about the real life of Mao Zedong´s period. You am sure that all the incredible absurdity were actually completely clear.

All words I use are from analyse of crime. Together with clear evidences, logical reasoning and argumentation again and again, I hope that all readers shall judge Mao Zedong themselves. What I have done is to provide a small window so that the readers can think freshly, instead of being choked. I wish such a tiny window shall help with opening the Chinese door to the general reasoning.
This book opens also a door for the Westerns to understand China and to help China.
The world needs to know what was happened in China and what is still happening, before any action with intention to help China is token. When the world is enjoying freedom, democracy and love of Heavenly God, China, a nation with a huge population is suffering from absurd incredibility. One of four world´s citizens is a Chinese. They are crushing under the feet of Communists terror. Without any doubt, to get rid out of the suffering, the Chinese people need to play the most important role. All Chinese need to be awakened in humanity.

While destroying some prospects I am trying to build up new prospects. Through destroying Mao Zedong´s way of doing evil, I have created chances for the readers to see the truth. Through Mao Zedong´s own narration about his crime arrogantly, I tried to let people realize that justice is lying behind very closely. I hope this shall get enough attention.
For 90 years already, evil diabolism has soaked China with obscene. For 62 years already, evil diabolism has controlled China. China declines each day. Chinese people is suffering, each day more. It is time to break away from evil diabolism thoroughly. It is time to break away from influences of Mao Zedong, King of the Devils. It is time to break away from violence, hunger in blood, cruelty of his idea. It is time to rebuilt humanity. It is time to built logical thinking. It is time to praise tolerance. It is time to rebuilt trust in Heaven with awe and veneration. This is the right way to go to a healthy country full with happiness.

Happiness and light can be expected. Justice can be modelled. The 20th chapter of the Bible shows us. `I saw a Engle descending from heaven, carrying a big chain in one hand and key to the bottomless hell in the other hand. I saw hem seizing the big snake, also called red dragon, also called devil, also called Satan. I saw hem tieing up the devil and throwing hem into in bottomless hell. I saw hem locking up and sealing the door to bottomless hell for thousand years. `

Till so far, my book forecasts bravely that the year 2012 is a crucial year in which evil shall confront justice heavily and then be separated. Rest shall came back to the hearts again. As this book greets the world, the“New Clothes of the King” which Mao Zedong putted on shall disappear. He shall be naked and shall be driven out from the heart and mind of Chinese people. All his devil followers shall flee and disappear. China shall welcome real democracy, freedom and Heavenly Love.
My dear fellow Chinese, are you ready!

Wo Long, 5th March 2011, China

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