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Letter to Chinese In Exile

Dear fellow Chinese friends in exile,

Just like us, you are children and grandchildren of Yan Huang, China is your root.
Just like us, you have suffered or are still suffering from the persecutions of the Communists, both physically and mentally.
Just like us, you have been or are still being dyed and infected by Communism.
Today, it is extremely urgent to protect our roots from cruel threat of Communists regime.
Today, it is still a heavy task to protect each fellow Chinese from humiliation and torture of Communists regime.
Today, it is very important that all fellow Chinese people become free from communism and the communists dictatorship.

Heaven/God was very grateful for us. When the most places of the world were still in the wilderness, China turned into a state of sacraments. Chinese turned to be gentlemen. Heaven/God is not grateful for us. At this moment, when the most of the people in the world are free and are enjoying welfare, sport and happiness, we Chinese are suffering under the tyranny of the Communists regime. We have no freedom to talk, no freedom to live. We are living under fear.
On the faces of Chinese, there are only heaviness and depression to read. It is difficult to see smiles from deep in the heart. You do not see it at all.

At this moment, Heaven/God gives to you and also to us a dream---a dream to free China and to uphold human rights.

At this moment, Heaven/God leaves also a question to the world to think about:If a country with one fifth of the world‘s population is not free and the people may not chose their choice, how can the rest of the world not be polluted?How can the rest 4th of five of the world remain healthy?It is for sure impossible, Just like a person who is rotten in one leg without attention to heal, his whole body shall finally be rotten.

Dear fellow Chinese, we all know the reason why you had to escape from China. It is the Communists dictatorship. This is unfortunately the same reason why we live under fear. Communism is an evil fruit of a devil from Europe. Just like Satan, he deceives people with beautiful words and deceptive tricks. He refuses peace negotiations. He refuses consolations. He refuses communications. He promotes class struggle. For hem, violence is the only solution for every conflict. For hem, violence is also the only way in promoting his theory. For hem, violence is also the only way to survive. He puts his butcher’s knife in the neck of every Chinese. Where ever he goes, he monopolises the beliefs AND the information. He becomes centre of power, centre of religion, centre of information. Through his snaky education he puts his fingers in every pie. He controls the public opinion under HIS needs. He injects violence into the blood vessels of every Chinese. That is why many Chinese people adore violence and proclaim that anyone who does not obey, needs to be killed.
Unfortunately, This has successfully restricted the Chinese to narrow mind. They are holding extreme ideas like “If it is not A, it is then sure B” and “Or you die or I die”. They are unable to find a better solution through negotiation.
Hooliganism blackguards our nation.

The most civilized way of resolving problems of human being is to negotiate again and again, to communicate again and again. Under the light of universal love, people need to talk, to negotiate, to make concessions, to obey the general logical reasoning and the heavenly conscience. In this way people shall reach happiness by refusing killing and violence. Punishing rulers who love violence and dictatorship is a common task of ALL human beings.

We know that many places in the world are still far behind civilization. Democratic election and general logic are still not acknowledged as guide line for dealing with social affairs. Violence and killing are still drive of rulers to override the people, cruelly and bloodily.
Unfortunately, Communists countries are the most extreme cases of these uncivilised countries . Violence is openly written in the programs of action. Loyalty to the Communists Party is lawfully the highest goal of any people. The oath of the Communists Party, is nakedly a vow of the members that they shall never betray the Party and that shall for ever be loyal to the Party. All youth are forced to join in the Communists Youth League. In the oath of the Communists Youth League, we find no single words about how to be a better person or how to serve the country and people. All is about how to be obedient to the Communists Party.
It means that absolute loyalty to the Party blindly is what the members need to offer. It can even cost benefits of the country and the people. Country and people are abandon from the very beginning! It is thus not difficult to understand how the Communists government shall deal with its people and country! Yet the Communists government creates a logic that the Party IS the country. Under the flag of nationalism and patriotism, anybody who does not love the Communists Party shall be made mouth-dead, or be put in the prison, or be tortured to death.

Even those who are NOT members of the Communists Party are also forced to love the Party unconditionally. Any other voice is depressed. Any protest leads to imprisonment or death.

I have a suggestion for discussion. It is not fair and also not possible to ask anyone to be absolutely loyal. Not to any person, not to any organisation and not to any country. The only correct criterion of human actions is to be loyal to the general reasoning and the heavenly conscience. From this point of view, people chose those who are relatively correct to carry out the tasks of public affairs transparently. Such a person can be chosen to have the power to serve, can also be chosen to stay away from the power. This is not only proofed as a good way. This shall also be a good way in the future.

Maybe someone shall argue that I am a traitor to our country because I promote not to be loyal to any country. If the freedom fighters kept absolutely loyal to Great Britten in 1776, there would neve be the United States of America at all. If the Germen kept absolutely loyal to Eastern Germany in 1989, there would never be the united Germany today.

Loyalty is a relative progress. We should of course be loyal to justice, to general acknowledged truth, to healthy tendency, while we keep tradition in our mind. But to ask people to be absolutely loyal to a society, to a country, to political organisations or leaders is without any doubt a dirty yet effective way to slave people. Extreme dictators love this.

Be loyal to a old and rotten system is absolutely wrong. If people in Soviet Union behaved like this, people would never be free from the iron cage of Soviet Union. Today, we see from the thousands of years written history, it is a normal development that a country sometimes is divided or united. All those rulers in the history who proclaimed that their power should last for ever are gone. Many of them left very bad name behind.

A person does not need to be loyal to any country, to any organisation or to any individual person. Instead, a person should be loyal to heavenly love, to tolerance, to general logic, to morality, to conscience and so on.

When the Communists Party asked people to be absolutely loyal, the Creator did not maybe even thought about the unbelievable success of the evil communism. In the modern history , many and too many people were really absolutely loyal to CCP. Unexpectedly. These people offered everything they had voluntarily. They offered even their lives to kill others. Yet at the end, they were killed in the same way or even worse. History of the last hundred years shows that Communism has brought the most tremendous disasters to the human world ever.

China is a nation with a long history. In the past, China fascinated the world with lots of miracles. There were miracles of individual personality of the people. There were miracles of the entirety of strength of the nation. There were miracles of the symbols of the written language. There were miraclecls of the traditional culture. Through thousands of years, descendents of Yan Huang were loyal to our culture and our tradition, no matter where we were. For thousands of years, China is not withered away and shall never wither away. From free will, people like to love this nation, to be one of this nation. Today, we are expecting that China as a nation shall be reborn in the modern civilization. We chose to be loyal to this nation.

Most of Chinese outside China chose to connect their benefits with China. This is a trace left in our blood. When Heaven created our nation, we got it already. Our written language is created by Heaven as symbol of our characters - square, elegant, serous and as iron boned. Our skin colour yellow is also made by God as symbol as colour of our Divine Land.

We chose to be obedient to Heavenly orders and chose to be loyal to our nation China. We make this choice by ourselves without any forceful depression from outside. This is the freedom which we got from Heaven.

Dear overseas Chinese, your roots are in China. Some of you shall never be mentally separated from this land. Our authentic language with its artistic conceptions makes all of us, you and me, love our nation. Today you may have freedom to get the nationality of other countries, yet you dream Chinese dreams about the rivers and mountains in the South, about the Great Wall in the North.

To live in exile is not easy for you. Even though most of the countries where you live welcome you with love and kindness, yet you have a lot of difficulties with the languages and the habits. Exiled from China, you are separated from the Chinese life, from relatives who are still living in China. Your visits back to China are not any more possible. Even your telephone calls from outside China can be used as excuses to persecute your relatives. It is painful.

Modern China does not suffer from invasions of other nations. Yet Chinese today are suffering from Communists disasters more than from any invasions from outside. Under the evil government of Chinese Communists Party, Chinese can not even breath freely. Depression and torture are everywhere. Every day people are killed. Disasters happen at any unexpected moment. We feed ourselves with foods full of poison. We are every moment infected by demoralisation in culture and in daily life. We are forced to pay high taxes. There is even encouragement to pay taxes of breathing flesh air! None of the bad emperors in the history has behave like this. Shamelessly!

Dear fellow Chinese,It is a common task of you and of me to drive communists spirit out of China. It is a common task of us to fight for freedom for all Chinese. It is our duty to recover Chinese tradition and culture. To revive the civilization of China is a privilege which is given to us by Heaven. This is also the tendency of the world´s development. We have reasons to believe that Heaven shall not abandon the Chinese into a world without civilization. Without China and the people, the universe is not complete and shall also not exist.

Dear overseas Chinese, just like us, you were suffering from the bitterness of having no freedom. For the safety reasons, you escaped from China to free countries. Yet your roots and your dreams you have left behind in China. You pay attention to the development of Chinese struggles for freedom. In order to get sympathy and support from the international communities, you have undergone lots of wronged feelings. You have wept a lot. Thanks to your efforts, a small window is opened to a small amount of the Chinese population. They are becoming awake.

For more than 20 years you have lived as refugee. In this past 20 years, Chinese Communists regime blocks the common development of knowledge and intelligence. Even scientists are misused to mislead the public opinion. People´s intelligence is kept below development. Yet Chinese Communists regime evolutes itself in skills of slavering and depression.

As Chinese Communists regime evolutes its skills and stratagem in governing, China is not changed in slavering and depression at all. At the opposite, CCP allows `small criticism` in order to cheat more people. Part of your actions outside China and part of actions of some Western countries are misused to create false enemies to threaten the Chinese in China.
Of course, some of you have undergone a metamorphosis and have turned to cooperate the Communists regime to cheat our people. Many Chinese begin really to doubt about those who are really fighting for Chinese freedom. This is very bad. If the tiny window is closed again and if the trust is broken, future China shall maybe fall into boundless darkness of CCP´s iron cage.

Situation in China is still severe. The way of resisting is still arduous, my fellow Chinese. In comparison with those in China, you have more chances to deliver statements. You should make use of the freedom properly. To be tolerant to each other and to make comprise with each other in thinking and in acting. I do not hope that you are still thinking and doing in the way which CCP teaches us --- to fight against each other, to be cruel to each other, to be intolerant, narrow minded, irrational or even aggressive.

Dear fellow Chinese, while your bodies are living in the Western, I hope that the your minds shall also integrate into the Western society so that you can experience the freedom and democracy there. Heavenly love to all human being is in fact the basic condition of freedom and democracy. Love is miracle. Giving love is as important as having love. Sharing love with each other can change the world in a beneficial way. To get rid of Communists teachings should begin with you.

While enjoying life, I hope you shall also enjoy development in spirituality. 20 years of being refugee and many years of experiments in holding on with fighting should be enough for you to get organized. You should have learned to talk with each other when you have different ideas and to show respect for each other´s dignity. I hope that you can put down your own self-importance and I hope you will find an effective way for the big problems of China.

Even if you are not planned to do anything for China any more, I hope that you shall try to avoid fighting and assaulting each other publicly. I hope that you shall stop with persisting your own opinion and keep arguing in order to argue. In fact, when one side is rational and reasonable and the other side is at the opposite, it is meaningless to argue. I think it is even barbarous and dictatorial.
I think that the way to find a positive solution is to talk with each other logically and moderately. Do not you agree?

I have a suggestion to be discussed. Many people go to the opposite of dictatorship of Chinese Communists regime. They think that democracy is totally free without any restriction. They refuse to be changed by others. I do not think in this way. I think personal freedom should be restricted within the scope which is admitted by the majority . Thus democracy and freedom are based upon general acknowledged truth.

The law of nature respects individual freedom. To develop personally AND harmoniously should be the best way of dealing with democracy. In this process of development, there is maybe no fixed frame. But a habits of dealing with sense is necessary. This needs people to restrict themselves from their heart. The nurturing of this habits needs morality of the whole society, in cooperating with each individual. A civilized society needs this as fundament.

It is of course your freedom to oppose being changed. But it is not healthy for seeking solution together with other people who also have their own opinions. If each of us shall be stubborn in our own opinion, we shall never find a solution for public affairs. Instead, we shall create more mess. If so, we shall never go to democracy! If each of the founders of the United States was as stubborn as us, they should not have created the `FEDERAL CONSTITUTION´. Negotiation on the base of individual freedom means that each one shall make some compromise and each one shall keep something unchanged. A solution shall be then born.

Democracy does not mean that you decide the one who you like. Democracy means that you respect the ones who you do not like. Only dictators let their own will decide without limit. Democracy means persisting general conscience and logic while individual freedom is respected. Under dictatorship, will of few people are seen as the law while will of the majority are depressed. Rulers need to be `caged` so that they can be supervised and be tested. Otherwise they might be developed into dictators. Personal freedom need therefore to be `caged` by general logic and conscience. This forms in fact the foundation of democracy. Different from cages used by dictators to punish dissidents, this `cage` relies on self restriction of people from their heart.
Today, under our democratic fellow Chinese, we see a situation in which some leaders or self-called leaders do not restrict their personal desires at all. When they talk with others they behave like talking with chicken and ducks. They refuse to make any compromise. They have brought themselves in disliking. They have caused the organisations as separated sands.

Persisting oneself in order to persist and unwilling to look at the darkness caused by our narrow mind are very bad habits. It makes the situation worse. This is, I guess, the reason why our democratic movement has not made much progress during the past 20 years.

It is definitely true that the iron dictatorship of Chinese Communists regime is terrible. Chinese Communists regime has designed a system that some `privileged` may enjoy freedom in the scope which is also designed. As a result, the deep rooted bad habits of Chinese people are totally exposed. `Freedom` seems to be a disaster. By doing this, Chinese Communists regime has killed the positive elements of freedom. Two important components of democracy - civilization and rationality ----are totally abandon. We should not fall into this trap! Because we shall make us untrustful and even ridiculous in the eyes of normal people. CCP hopes that we all behave like that so that our people shall chose for CCP´s evil.

Dear fellow Chinese, when we condemn CCP, we also need to think about ourselves. Do we really understand freedom and democracy? Our democracy and freedom should be built under the restriction of rational sense. Our democracy and freedom should be backboned and be proud upon. Nobody shall have chance to laugh at.

While understanding the real meaning of democracy and freedom, we need also to promote the nobility of beliefs. In China, democracy shall not be realised without a noble belief and without unbelievably big efforts.
Also exiled to overseas, Mr. Sun Zhongshan did not forget to drive the rotten dictatorship of the Manchu´s. He did not forget to revive China. Also exiled to foreign country, Mr. Sen Baoxu cried seven days till he was out of breath in the palace of State Qin and finally State Qin sent army to support his country. My dear fellow Chinese in exile, if you keep the will of Mr. Sun Zhongshan and if you have the mind of Mr. Sen Baoxu, we shall not worry about our task to drive CCP ghost any more. We shall see hope in reviving China.

It is of course not easy. Mr. Sun Zhongshan had not less difficulties than you today. Mr. Sun Zhongshan had a clear plan and never changed his mind in seeking for freedom for fellow Chinese. No rain, no wind could move hem from building the Republic of China. Dear fellow Chinese, I am very surprised to know that some of you misuse the flag of Chinese democracy and freedom struggle in order to get personal benefits. Some of you let yourselves misuse to attack fellow democrats! If we keep on like this. We block the development of democracy and freedom for our Chinese people, instead of building the way to democracy and freedom.

From my experiences in talking with some of you, I get an impression that you are always busy. So busy that you are not willing to communicate with those unknown democratic land mates in China. I know that you are busy. On one hand you are busy with your own life. On the hand you are busy with attacking fellow democrats. On de third hand you are busy with building up your name and benefits under the flag of democratization of China. Yes, you are really busy! Busy with own business and benefits. Yet you forget one thing. To endure humiliations and bitterness and to prepare for carrying out long term plans in order to finally wipe out the CCP dictatorship!

Perhaps you are frustrated by efforts in vain. I see that you pin your hopes on coincident happenings. Some of you see hope in Heavenly actions while restrict your own actions. Yes. Heaven shall wipe CCP away. This is the will of ALL kind people. Yet Heavenly punishments or rewards can only be carried out through human actions! It shall be a process of endure and efforts. If human does not awaken and does not take any actions to drive the evil away. Evil shall make places for the next evil. Heaven shall be disappointed and finally abandon de human being. Thus my dear fellow Chinese, take actions! Awaken more people. There is not so much time any more.

I really think that the situation need to be changed. If your attention is not only focused on those who are already known but also on those who are not known yet, your true love shall be seen. If you are not only focused on posting or publishing your own ideas or articles, but also on promoting good ideas of others for discussions widely, I think the distance to democracy shall be shortened. Narrow scope shall make the world smaller while wide scope inspires and makes the world bigger.

I think that you should built a team which shall specially deal with researches and educations about democratic solutions for China. It is important to persistently let the world know about CCP’s evil deeds against China and Chinese people.
I think that you also should get organised with a clear plan and with clear task responsibility. Do not forget to communicate with those who are living within China. In this process, love and patience are very important. To show them your true and pure intention and finally win their trust.
Be prepared to pay time and efforts and to give love without condition. Democracy in the Western world was also not free. Many people paid with time of their life in exploring. Many others endured many difficulties, including giving off their life in the concrete struggles. In comparison with us, there is at least less threatening of your life outside China. Therefore you should also bear bigger responsibility in order to create more space for our struggle.

Many people are holding a very naive idea. They think that what China needs is to move the democratic system to China and to carry out. Question is who will let you move that system to China, besides how to carry out that system? Can such a system be accepted while our people and our society have no idea about that system? I think it is much more important to help our people turn down the old dictators system, to help them free from restricted and even wounded minds before a democratic system is moved to China. It shall make it easier for our people to accept that system.

Dear fellow Chinese, if you ha functioned differently, you might have created more chances for democratic struggles in China, you might have opened a healthy channel to promote democratic techniques in China, you might also have built effective democratical instruments between China and the world. Under you, some of you have really attempt. Some are stopped. Today, we all Chinese have a big problem of the lacking in freedom. How to resolve this problem is a huge task. My dear fellow Chinese, you are living outside China, you have more chances to let our voices heard. I believe, you shall really put your egoism aside and get organized. I believe you can still bear the big responsibilities and to fulfil them.

In diplomacy, Chinese Communists regime mobilises the power of the whole nation to buy alliance from Western countries. Yet you in exile, my dear fellow Chinese, can only touch the world with your noble morality and your endure actions. Let your courage and your will awaken the Western world. If you do not want to see your and our democratic undertaking go to failure and deterioration, if you do not want to bring your relatives in China to punishment because of you, if you want your efforts for years be paid with success, you should really get organised and take actions. Let some of you concentrate on setting up enterprises while others concentrate on building up publicity. You really need to be tolerant with each other and cooperate with each other. Do not give any chance to the CCP evil, sure do not fall into their traps.

Dear fellow Chinese, I should not have written this letter if I was not constantly faced with the quarrels and attacking of you in the past years. Which influence do you want to give us? When ever we open our email boxes and when ever we begin to chat, we are flooded with your brutal quarrels. When ever we open the internet sites, we read about your egoism and your brutality. It is like one mirror divided into thousands of small pieces. What are you in God´s name doing? What kind of pride you are? No, not at all. You have brought shame to our democratic movement! Do you really want to make yourselves guilty for our China? At this moment, Communists hard liners are on the power. Our people have more and more difficulties. We face disappearing and being blocked in mental hospitals. This dirty trick becomes more and more normal, just like diner. Our nation undergoes a very miserable crisis. Yet you have time and energy to attack each other! If you really want to do that, do it secretly in your own house. Yet you let those who are struggling within China watch your quarrels. I am very surprised.

My letter is maybe not very objective and may sounds emotional. But please do not attack me because I have mentioned you mistakes directly. It has no use at all. We are urgent to seek for solutions in order to save our children, our fathers, our mothers, our people. What has happened has happened already. It is no use any more to suggest. What shall happen is advisable. We need really to be organised and to take actions like one body. I need to mention it again: When one side has clear logic and clear evidences in the discussion, the other side has to listen calmly and carefully. Please do not react in order to react. Calmness and reasoning are the only way in resolving our problems. There is no other way.

I have a dream. All children and grandchildren of Yan Huang merrily gather and laugh with joy.
I have a dream. All people on the Dive Land China and all Chinese who are exiled are welcome to enjoy our own born rights, such as freedom, land, and welfare.
I have a dream. No more dictatorship. No more autocracy on our divine land. Violence and bloodiness are driven into hell. Love and mercy are widely spread.
I have a dream. Our country China is reborn in civilization. Our nation shines in the East with her peaceful nature and her profound peaceful meaning. Our civilization benefits the rest of the world.

Before I end up with this letter, I share with you a poem which shows our courage and our unmoveable will.

Sky is grey, water is boundless and indistinct;
Land is broken,families are torn apart,scenes of devastation are everywhere;
Zhonhua,our beloved nation, is in ruins by Communists Evil,
To expel the evil spirit,reliess on nobody else but us.

Mountains are high, rivers are long;
Heaven is crying, peoples are wailing, lives are in utter misery;
Evil Communists are killing our people,
To expel the evil spirit relies on nobody else but us.

Sky is grey, fields are boundless and indistinct;
When our beloved nation is in danger, we are born and nurtured with virtues
Take your hand, revive our Zhonghua;
Take my hand, revive our nation!

Your fellow Chinese Wo Long, May 2011, China

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