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Letter To Chinese Readers

Letter To Chinese Readers by Wo Long, writer of <Mao Zodong's Devil Way>

Dear Chinese Readers,

When Tian An Men Massacre happened in 1989, I was but a middle school student. Since May 1989, there were breaking news on the TV. I watched and listened together with adults. I was also listening to the discussions of the adults without saying anything. I was thinking. I remember at one evening, Mr. ZHAO Ziyang appeared suddenly on the Tian An Men Square. That gave much energy to the discussions of the adults. I kept quiet. Later , news on the TV said that some people on the Square were anti-China and Anti-Chinese and that they were busy with making violence. I did not really understand and I was no interested in saying anything either.

Later I began to understand something of the whole happening, little by little. I began to understand that the adults who joined in the discussions did not understand it either. Later, I began to understand that even the "big ones" in the news understood it neither. Their words can not pass through a logical test and were not rational. Later, I began to understand that news in the Chinese media are mostly untrue.

When the rest of the world was using the laws of general reasoning as guide line for natural and social sciences, we Chinese were forced to follow ONE person’s will. Mao Zedong’s will was the guidance not only in physics, but also in killing pigs and in collecting shit. While Westerners could talk about things with people who have very different ideas and finally get agreement, we Chinese are talking just because of talking. It seems that every body is looking for space to express hem/herself. In fact, we do not want to agree with others. Every body has his or her own rule for the game. Finally our discussions end up no agreements at all. We are like sands, separately from each other.

I know what is the reason: We Chinese are accustomed to listen to ONE person and we are NOT accustomed to listen to general reasoning. Mao Zedong’s will decided everything and till now THAT poison is still in our heads!

Therefore, some of us make the following mistakes:

1. Name ourselves righteous and feel higher than others and become intolerant.

2. Think ourselves are reasonable everywhere and avoid reasoning. Bow to pressure of power and not to the law of general reasoning.

3. Know a little and exaggerate it and deny others minds and become superficial, emotional, aggressive .

If we obey the law of general reasoning, we will quikly see the source and the development of a problem. Then we can abandon our own opinions and get an agreement. On the base of agreement we can make the plan together and carry out the plan easily and finally resolve the problems together. If not, we will create a mess of problems and we will not able to corporate with each other.

Because of the centralising of Mao Zedong in the past restricted freedom, you may say that my statement is backwards and is not welcome for freedom! Yes, if I ask you to centralise on ONE person’s opinion and if I ask you to follow ONE person’s solution, you are right. This is not different from Mao Zedong’s way of governing! But I say freedom without general reasoning is false!

Thus, to promote the general reasoning and obey the law of general reasoning is a realistic and effective guidance for resolving the social conflicts . Just like a satellite obeys it own rail in the universe. Otherwise Human being will be indanger like a satellite loses the rail in the universe.

Thus, to centralise the opinions of different people and to guide them in the direction of general reasoning is not wrong. Otherwise, how can we go on with walking to freedom and democracy? There shall always be some people who push their opinion to others and try to manipulate others. How can social problems not be centralised and talked about?

We Chinese do not know how to get things centralised.

To centralise public affairs to pressure and status is wrong. It will lead to the imprisonment of freedom and the killing of talents. But we need to centralise public affairs to general reasoning, to see everybody and every opinion equal and to give every one of us equal space and attention during the discussion. In this way, freedom will be protected and talents will be discovered and grow.

But our Chinese fellows are doing the opposite, in China and outside China, even under the ones who are seeking for democracy and freedom for tens of years! If we do not change this way of dealing, when can we find solutions for our China?

Without doubt, before we began with resolving the problems of China, we all need to change the way from listening to ONE person’s will to listening to the laws of general reasoning. Only through the laws of general reasoning, people can enjoy individual freedom AND enjoy cooperating with others.

When we have problems and if all of us think about our own mistakes and look around with zelf-consciousness : Did I obey the law of general reasoning of did I juist push my own opinion to others?

If we do so, we Chinese people will resolve our problems quickly by acting in cooperating. We will free our own energy in a good way. We will find out that we have lots of capabilities which are restricted all the time! We will find out that we are very creative!

But our obstacle to take this step is Mao Zedong! 80% van Chinese in China still believe that Mao Zedong has done well with here and there some stupid wrong doings. 60% van Chinese even adore hem! This rigid ideas which were forced by Mao Zedong as the Chinese saver blocks the way of reform, politically and non politically.

To get rid of Mao Zedong is not only to get rid of Mao Zedongs’s dead body and to burn his portraits. It is also to get rid of the fear and wounds caused Mao Zedong.

This is the reason why I wrote <Mao Zedong’s Devil Way>. It is a book with more than 60,000 characters. From a totally new perspective view, I tried to analyse why Mao Zedong is Mao Zedong. I believe when this book is widely read, the evil light of Mao Zedong will be seen. Mao Zedong as a god pressed on the heart of Chinese people will totally gone. Those who still dream about communism will open their eyes and awake from their dreams. In no time, Communists building which is build on sands will also clash. Mao Zedong and the communists followers shall also flee and disappear.

Maybe you will say that there are already many books about Mao Zedong’s corrupted life outside China. Yes. It is true and those books help people know something about Mao Zedong’s private life. But they are not effective enough. When those books are smuggled to China, they are changed in their colour. Even they are seen as books with bad will. They can not really help people to deny Mao Zedong.

None of the books over Mao Zedong in the past will play the role of my book. It will help people to disgust Mao Zedong logically as a devil not as a human. Anyone who ever read this book, no matter how he or she loved Mao Zedong, will begin to think about Mao Zedong differently and will look at Mao Zedong with a new view. They will logically deny Mao Zedong from their heart. At that time. everybody, from the Chang Bai Mountains in Hei Long Jiang to the end of the eland in Hai Nan, from the Heavenly Mountains in Xin Jiang to the Penglai Elands in Shan Dong, shall avoid Mao Zedong as to avoid cancer. From the North Pole to the South Pole, nobody shall call Mao Zedong as saver.

I dare to bet that finishing with this book is one of the human wonders and will make a new period for China even for the world.

Please do not think that I am exaggerating. I have told that I am an actor of general reasoning. A person like me has only one way of acting: the most accurate and rational way. In the process of my growing, no body has told me to deny Mao Zedong. I used to be a very good student in natural science and I have always tried to resolve problems through logic and reasoning. I find out that all things in China are against logic and reasoning. I began to follow the way back in reasoning till I find out that all disorders and disasters have ONE source: Mao Zedong and his influence.

My drive to write this letter specially for my fellow Chinese readers is: 1. I wish that you, my fellow Chinese, shall really pay attention to read this book. It can probably help you to resolve some problems in thinking. 2. I wish that you shall built a way of thinking in logic and reasoning. In order to protect freedom, individual ideas need to obey logic and general reasoning. If not, our society shall not go to democracy. If chaos takes the place of freedom, we shall never get agreement with each other and problems shall never be resolved. 3. I wish that you shall help with promoting this book and get it published as soon as possible. Things in China are changing very rapidly now. Let more fellow Chinese read this book so that they can get along with the changes calmly, not with aggression or frustration. It is very important.

Dear fellow Chinese readers, I hope that this book shall be published and spread through Asia, through Europe, through Africa, through America….through all places where human being exists. This shall not happen without you. This book deals not only with problems of the Chinese. All activities which result into dictatorship, murdering, inhumanity, unlawfulness shall find their places in this book. All these activities are from devil’s drive. To get rid of devil is to get rid of dictatorship.

This book exposes the reality of modern China. It exposes also all kinds of dictatorship. All repressions and inhumanities shall never get a reason to be carried out and shall never be defended any more. People shall use transparency and justice as standard for the rulers. People shall define whose policy which are not transparent and not justified as evil. Those rulers who do not obey transparency and justice shall be defined as devils like Mao Zedong.

My dear readers, I have used some words which have the same pronunciation but with a different meaning in the texts. Some times I changed the places of the characters in a word. They are no mistakes, I wrote in this way for the safety reasons. And I added 10,000 years to the real time of the happenings. It can stay like this or it can be changed to the correct ones, if it is published in Chinese. In other languages, it is better to change them to the correct ones. There is a list after the main texts.

I wish my fellow Chinese readers shall be rational and shall obey the general reasoning!

I wish our country shall shine in the near future!

Your fellow Chinese,

Wo Long, 18th March 2011, China

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