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Manifesto Cleaning Up Chinese Communists Party - An Introduction

Manifesto Cleaning Up Chinese Communists Party by Wo Long An Introduction

90 years ago, Devil came to China and said to the Chinese. Follow me! I will bring you to the paradise. There you will have everything you need and also everything you want.
Some of the Chinese believed in Devil and offered everything they had. Devil said, `Till now the whole human history is a history of class struggle. Thus our goal is to throw all existed system down with violence.` Due to the nurturing of Devil´s idea about Class Struggle, some Chinese begin to possess Devil´s character of enjoying violence. They began with baiting of
those who did not want to follow. They allowed nobody to chose freely. Soon after the Sino-Japanese War, people who were occupied by Devil began with killing of fellow land mates. Proudly they call the 3 years Civil War from 1946 till 1949 with millions of killing, Victory Of Liberation War. The cruelty of Devil went on and on under the most creative names such as Su Fan, Zheng Feng, Zhen Fan, Beating the Rights, Beating the Lefts, Great Lead Forwards, Si Qing, Cultural Revolution, Birth Policy, 6.4 Massacre, Violently Remove, Closing in Psychiatric Hospitals…..and so on. Each of them was a high trend of killing of the fellow people, full with blood and mercilessness. Even the birds in sky could not flee for safety. Land of Divine China is full with dead bodies. Blood streams into rivers.

Devil said. `The final stage of human society is Communism. And Communism shall be realised! For sure! Devil did not allow anybody doubt about it. Even not to discuss.

Normally the futures society is unknown. If human being wants to forecast it development, human being needs to discuss and argue about it freely. Yet Devil said that he knew the truth already. He restricted the ability of thinking and restrict the drive of perusing. Therefore in the coming tens of years, Chinese people were poor in creation, both materially and spiritually.

Devil said also: `Socialism at this moment is only a transitional stage. Communisms shall come only if we believe. No need for discussion.` Yet Devil said that the way to Communism is not a short way. It needs tens of generations efforts.
Devil, you live your life now, and we also, how can people in this life know what shall be after tens of generations further – How can people see the final stage of human society – How can the human society keep unchanged- Is it not true that our human society develops in a zigzag way by repeatedly correcting- Is it not true that many times, trend of history changed completely, sometimes even to the total different direction -

Devil, unless the earth disappears, otherwise human society shall for ever exist with out any final stage. You said that you saw the final stage. Impossible! Unless you kidnap the whole human being to be your slaves for ever. Or you shall damage the whole human being.
Devil, you denies the existence of Heaven and God, why do you pretend to be the real Heaven and God who is able to see the development of human society generations far beyond- You told that you have derived this theory from the social development. Do you understand the theory of derivation- Even if you understand it, you can maybe forecast the development of ten years or tens of years. How can you declare that you know the development of hundreds of years, even thousand of years later- I ask you, is there ever anybody in the history who derived the trend of history like you- Even the bad guys in the history who wishful thought that the his dynasty should keep going for ever,were exactly the ones who you criticised and distained.

Devil, you lash on one hand those in the history who defended dictatorship, on the other hand you claim that your shall last for ever. On one hand, you change constantly your way of doing under slogans of reform and revolution. On the other hand you restraint reforming of your system. You have made everywhere propaganda’s to say that you are great, glorious, correct. If you are really great, glorious and correct, why are you scared to undergo tests- Why are you scared of discussions- All this explains one thing. You are in fact super monster. You are produced by cruelty married violence. From the first moment of your birth, you are ill and disabled.

Devil, please tell me about one single case of derivation like yours- Are not countless emperors, who tried their power and wealthy to pass on for ever, vanished completely in the trend of history, specially in the trend created by you- How dare you to claim that your power in the clothes of Communism shall pass on for ever- You said that no one in history was as correct as you. Is it not true that you are above any human being in the history- Do not you consider yourself as God-

Devil, do not think that people can not see your true face. You deny the existences of God and Heaven! That is because you want to create yourself as God and Heaven!

Wait a minute, Devil, according to your logic, you can also derive that the society after hundreds of years from now like you claimed shall never happen! Communisms which you promote is in vain, is a building built on sands in order to deceive human being! Both you and me can not live for ever to see which one of us shall be right with our derivation, how dare you to claim me as wrong and punish me with imprisonment or depriving of my life- How dare you to claim you are only correct one- Did you not claim that new things are always developed from old things- Did you not claim that human being can evolutes themselves. Did you not say that the world can not and will not keep unchanged- Then decisions of future society shall be token by people in the future. They may follow your decision. But they may not follow your decision. How dare you to claim that decisions of future people shall be token according your choice- How dare you to restrict even the freedom of people in the future. You restrict the development of the society to your stagnation. Do not you think that people in future shall not distain and reject you in the way you distain and reject the past-
You are arrogant and ignorant!

Devil, I know now, you do not let people talk about you freely because you know that you are absurd and ridiculous. You proclaim anywhere and anytime that you are great , glorious and correct because you know that you are not that. You know that you can not pass the test of people.

What absurd you are. You are trying to steel the bell while your make yourself deaf. You wishful think that other people are also deaf. But they are not! You are stupid. You do not understand to withdraw from the podium when you are not welcome. You do not understand to leave the power alone when you are not suitable. You do not understand the people have freedom to chose each four or five years. You do not understand that you stagnate China´s development in your way. You do not understand that you are bringing China to a dead end! Or you do understand but you chose to damage China!
You are criminal!

I know now, Devil, you are the obstacle of human development! You are the most cruel, the most stubborn, the most rotten, the most backward, the most stupid! This is why you strangle human being. This is why you do not let people think and talk freely.
You proclaim your victory in killing in order to show your power. You occupied the people´s soul and you proclaim that people are obedient to you! You are shameless! You proclaim all beautiful things about yourself in a completely closed country. You do not understand that,without freedom, all those beautiful proclaiming is equal to curse. Yet you let all those meaningless proclaiming repeated years in years out. You thought that in this way you can make lies truth. You are wrong!

Devil, till today, many Chinese still adore your fierce. They are still lost in your monstrous idea. This is used by you to proclaim that you are right to kidnap the whole China. With beautiful oath and with beautiful melody you covered your evil and hypocrite deeds. You seduced people into fall of your trap. You slave them and you eat them up.
Devil, you can cheat for a while, but you can not cheat for ever. Eyes of Heaven are looking at you and you can not escape from judgement.
Let me analyse your oath to reveal how evil you are. Let me analyse your deeds to reveal how stupid and shameless you are. Let me list your crimes to reveal that your mounting up to the sky in criminality.
One day, all Chinese people shall know the truth and shall chose to stand by the side of justice. You will have no place on earth to hide.
Then people shall be free. They shall live in happiness. China shall thrive!

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