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Letter To President Obama And The Western

Letter To President Obama by Chinese citizen Wo Long

Respectful President Obama, White house staff and all American people,

I am an ordinary Chinese citizen who lives in China. In this letter I
would like to explain two facts.

Fact 1

66 years ago. America helped China in defending against the invasion
of Japan. Chinese people won the Sino - Japanese War. But since then on,
America began to disappoint the whole world. According to America's
ability at that time,America should have known that the uprising of
Chinese Communists Party means human disasters.

When the ghost of communism came to China, combined with Chinese
hooliganism, put on the Chinese jacket and cheated the Chinese,when
this ghost began with killing in China, even when the Japanese
invaders were still murdering the Chinese land mates, America,as
leader of the whole Western civilized countries, did not really try to
find a peaceful solution between Chinese Communists and the Chinese
Nationalists during 1946 till 1949. Instead, America choose to stand
by the side of the evil communists and even supported their evil

I do not think that the Chinese Nationalists regime was a civilized
government for China. But the choice to support the communists has
brought enormous human disasters ever.

I have here some ciphers (it is not and can not be accurate because of
the lack of freedom in information):

1、1946-1949, civil war caused by the communists, 20,000,000 people killed.

2、1949-1958, millions of people killed by the Chinese Communists
regime under the name of many anti- campaigns

3、1959-1962, more than 37,000,000 Chinese died because of hunger.

4、1962-1976, 20,000,000 Chinese killed under the name of Cultural
Revolution and what so ever.

5、1989,The Tian An Men Massacre, people who were killed are still unknown.

6、1976-2011,hundred of millions of people killed, imprisoned and suffered.

7、1975-1979, 2,000,000 people murdered in Cambodia with support of
Chinese communists regime.

Such a big consequence was maybe not expected. China has a big
population. Those who died, even they are in a huge amount, are
forgotten. The world is looking at the faces of laughing Chinese
people. Those who died without any normal reason, are just like a
stone sinking into the sea. Silently disappear.

Today, we have no reason to condemn the American government at the
time of 1945. But it is sure that a government who knew the character
of communism is to kill and did not do anything to stop the killing is
not a righteous government, even not an intelligent one. It is like to
let virus of epidemics spread all over China without showing any

President at that time, Truman, is also not any big person!

I am not planning to accuse anybody. But I am sure that president
Roosevelt, instead, should have acted differently if he were still on power.

Because of communism, 80,000,000 innocent Chinese died. The whole
China´s people has suffered and is still suffering. Seeing and even
thinking about these sufferings, I feel that all mankind is making
mistakes. All of us are deceiving God.

To let communism spread and kill, is like let several world wars
happen at the same time! When all these wars are taking places in
China, where the most of world‘s population is living, it hurts
everybody, physically and mentally. Oceans are filled with blood en

Fact 2

When president Roosevelt designed the United Nation with slogans as
Freedom in speech, Freedom in belief(religion), No more hunger, No
more fear, the whole world had reasons to believe that love of God
will be given to every member of the human family.

Yet, the development of the world went on a different way. When
president Nixon tried to knock the closed Chinese door, Mao Zedong was
also trying to get involved in the world network. Dozens of years
later, I think people understand now what was the purpose of Mao
Zedong to get connected with the rest of the world. He was not
planning to let the Chinese to obtain freedom such as president
Roosevelt designed. What he really wanted and needed was the
international attention in order to mislead the Chinese people. He
needed the agreement of America to pass his political crisis in China
and to do more evil things against his own people.

The communists regime of Mao did so. His followers did so. Till now,
all leaders of the Chinese Communists regime are still using this
dirty tricks. They are even more and more skilful in cheating. They
are misusing the freedom of trade in order to smuggle money,
resources, women and cheap labours to the rest of the world. In the
mean time they do not care about the damaging of the living
environment of the Chinese people, not socially, not naturally.

Now,at this moment of the 21ste century, in China, rivers are not any
more clean. Mountains are not any more green. Women despot the purity
while men make jokes about morality. Chinese Communists regime has
successfully token everything away of the people, materially and
spiritually. China is a big hell with everyday mourns of pain. The
regime has gotten agreement of the whole world to do evil under de
surface of economical power.

Despite the facts of miserable circumstances of the people, Chinese
Communists regime asks high taxes, manipulates the nation’s economy,
while sales the national resources to foreign countries for low price.
All money of China is in the hands of the communists. There is no
social welfare for the people. Almost no investment in education and
in medical care.

Mean while, leaders of Chinese Communists regime give a lot of
resources away to African countries and they bring big contracts to
Western countries. As polite in return, Western leaders visited China
to show their friendship. But all this visits of Western countries are
only good for the Chinese Communists regime to tell lies to Chinese
people. Those African leaders who get benefits are following like
hunger dogs and are more willing to tell lies to the Chinese media.
All these are misused by the Chinese Communists regime to show the
people how powerful and how important they are on the world podium.
Gradually the Chinese people are brain washed and begin to think that
Chinese communists are really great. Look, leaders of the foreign
countries respect them! It is normal that people die. Maybe even more
people are dying in their countries!

In order to appreciate the Western and to get more domestic power,
Chinese Communists repress the people more and more. All spaces of
life are token away. They are not interested in the people at all.

In order to get more contracts from the Chinese Communists, to get
more benefits for their investors in China, to make Chinese Communists
bring more money with their visits and to obtain more cash from the
corrupted Chinese communists officials, Western governments under the
leadership of America, are doing unbelievable deeds in China in our
modern time. Such as:

1. Encourage and support foreign companies to make money illegally in
China, let children of communists officials transfer money from China
to foreign countries without paying tax under name of those companies,
help them obtain fortune which does not belong to them but belongs to
the poor Chinese people.

2. Permit and even help corrupted communists officials, their partners
or their children get permanent residences in the Western countries in
order to avoid the possible lawsuits by the Chinese people in the

3. Allow and even help children of those high corrupted communists
officials to get university diploma’s so that they can get better
position in China and to exploit the Chinese people more easily

4. Misuse the flag of human rights while do nothing to help the Chinese
to get a better situation in the human rights. Despite the brutal
repressions of the political and conscience dissidents. Neglect the
deeds of those criminals who are on the power

In the beginning of the 90´s of the last century, people could still
hear about America interfering human rights in China. Because of the
international pressure, Chinese Communists were careful about
persecuting dissidents. From 1998, leaders of western countries
visited China more often with the only purpose to get benefits and
without interfering the rights and quality of life under the
communists regime. Persecution of the Chinese people is growing. It is
difficult even to imagine that in the open society of developed
internets, all kinds of persecution can happen in China like diner.
Killings in the open places are less but the amount of under grounds
prisons grows. People who tries to show their disagreement are put
into prison illegally or just disappear. There are also increasingly
more and more mental hospitals. People who dare to stand up are often
forced into those so calledmental hospitals.

Today, freedom has nothing to do with Chinese people!

In fact 1, American government of president Truman watched Chinese
Communists uprising, kept quiet by seeing Chinese Communists killing
80, 000,000 Chinese innocent people and did do nothing to stop the
criminality against mankind. In fact 2, nowadays American government,
including the one of you, president Obama, is cooperating Chinese
Communists regime in killing and slavering Chinese people, taking
money away from the Chinese people. You are guilty! Mr. president.

If American government is a corrupted government and has no ambition
to make it better, I will keep my mouth immediately and I will pray
that God's Judgement will happen as soon as possible.

But American government has a big ambition and a big mission: Uphold
human rights and righteousness and show the world a good example!

This is the reason why I dare to write this letter and dare to
challenge you, president Obama

Why do you neglect the sufferings of the majority of Chinese people?
Why do you chose only to focus on getting benefits from the Chinese
Communists criminals? Why do you help them to transfer their money(our
money!) to America? Why do you accept their children and family to be
American citizen? Why do you help those privileged criminals to play
much more important role in the Chinese society so that they can
misuse more power to repress our people?

President Obama, is this not a big joke for president Roosevelt’s
dream that nobody should live under fear and everybody will have

Mr. president, when you see and know that Chinese citizens have NO
freedom at all, even no freedom to go to accept their price for peace,
how dare you to declare that you are a follower of president

And I am wondering what kind of God's will you want to give to the
Chinese people, together with your communists friends?

Mr. President,I can not believe. You have visited China and have meet
the Chinese Communists leaders many times now. When you shake the
hands of the leaders of Chinese Communists, I do not see that you
even tried to show them the light of righteousness. Instead, you let
their dirty evil lights shine on you. I just can not believe that you
are the president of the blessed America! I have no idea if you have
really ever been a God's child. Does the American government of you
really plan to let all Chinese people suffer from the terrorists

I am asking if you are really grown up in the light of God and if the
American people really bear righteousness

Human world,people feel each other heart to heart, help reach other
hand in hand. In this way, righteousness of God can spread through
every tiny life. This is normal way of dealing. Only in this way, evil
will have no chance to damage our human dignity. Only in this way, all
of us can live in the light of happiness and kindness.

As an ordinary Chinese citizen, I have no intention to ask American
government and the American people to do anything for the Chinese. I
believe that the 1,300, 000,000 Chinese people will finally wake up
from the torture and many forms of humiliation. I believe the old
Chinese nation will shine one day in the future.

But I should warn American government and American people. You may do
nothing, but you may not chose to support the evil and call yourself
symbol of righteousness! I also warn you:do not wait till the day when
the 1,300, 000,000 Chinese are awake and they find out that American
government is an evil or unrighteous government!

Chinese communists regime teaches the Chinese everyday that America is
evil and is big enemy of Chinese people! Some of the Chinese really
believe this because they have no chance to find out the truth. I am
afraid when the Chinese people are free and when they find out the
truth that America is indeed an enemy of them! If this really happens,
it is the guilty of American government itself. It is the guilty of
you, Mr president! Because you and your government hurt the Chinese
people deeply!

Traditionally, China is a nation who seeks for peace and keeps right
in the middle. People know very well to be grateful for those who
carry righteous influence. But with whose who help the evil, the
Chinese will not easily agree.

God´s eyes are everywhere and the balance of justice is acting at
every moment. I really worry about whose people who see the Communists
disasters only as a Chinese question and therefore stay away or even
laugh at the Chinese people and misuse these disaster. I am
sure, one day the fire of the communism will spread to those people
and they be will burned.

In order to make it clear to the world what is Chinese Communism, to
tell the Chinese people and also to tell people from all over the
world what really happened in China during the Communists regime, I
have written two books, titled Mao Zedong´s Devil Way and Manifesto Cleaning Up
Chinese Communists Party.

The first is in a form of novel. All happenings are true. I just
rearranged them without changing any single fact. My purpose to write
these books is to awaken the conscience of people which is still in
their heart but is in sleep. Through these books I also call on the
justice and welfare of God. I am trying to help people to realize what
is evil so that they will be alert and give no chance for the evil to
damage our human dignity.

I hope my books will help the Chinese to stay far away from the
Communists evil and help those who still dream about communism to stop
with their dreams, because they will open their eyes.

To show the light of God´s justice is a free will.

If Mr. president Obama and your government of America do not want to
make mistakes again and are willing to stop all those human miserable
scenes from happening again and again on our earth, not only in China,
then I am sure you, Mr. president, and your government are responsible
to promote my books. Because by promoting of these books worldwide, we
human being shall drive the evil ghost of Communism away from our
living spaces. Reading these books can help with the heeling of those
who are suffered.

80,000,000 souls of those who were killed by the communists are still
crying in the universe. They have never even got any prayer! Totally
neglected. In order to stop another 80,000,000 people from being
killed and in order to stop the water of the Pacific Ocean from
becoming red, all of us, all human family has duty to cancel the
Communists activities and also to delete the Communists evil spirit.

It is time now!

For the future of human being and for the peace of the world and for
healing of the suffered Chinese, I ask you, Mr. president Obama, if
you and America government want to play a positive role in our world.
to take actions! Make a plan to vanish Communism,

To carry out this plan, I am willing to help you with my books as tool.

The damage of Communism is far beyond physical. Spiritual and mental
damage is much worse than physical damage. Many people will need
decades to recover from the pain of the past 62 years. Many will maybe
never be recovered by themselves.

They need help from outside.

I worry very much that the hard liners of Chinese Communists regime
are very active in this years. If these hard communists get the power,
I am afraid that history will go back to 1945. Killing will happen
every where and at every moment . I am afraid that the Chinese people
will never be able to save themselves any more! At that time, people
who are suffering will be more than Chinese only. I have no reason to
say that American people can stay far from the suffering. I am afraid
that the colour of all oceans will change into bloody red.

I am not pushing my request on you, Mr. president. I myself am able to
stay safe and far away from this disasters, even though I am living
among the disasters. I care for my fellow people. If they are not
happy, I will lose happiness. This is the only reason that I dare to
ask you, Mr. president, to consider my request carefully, because I am
not asking you for my own wellness and because I am sure that you have
a great mission in God’s justice.

Yours Sincerely,

Chinese citizen Wo Long on the 31st of March 2011, China


1.The writer Wo Long of this letter is anonymous. A middle school
teacher in Human Province named Luo Meihua was arrested because he because he is considerd to
be WoLong..

You will find other texts from Wo Long's books on

2. Message from the translator:

This letter is translated on the 14th, March, 2012 on which President Obama is meeting Chinese Communists leaderXiJinping in the White House by Mona Zhimin
Tang, The Netherlands/Belgium, E-mail: Tel:
0032-14-708516 (home only) Adress: Koning Albertstraat 116,
2381 Weelde, Belgium.

I use to have a personal website Unfortunately it is
damaged by the Chinese communists internet spies. With this letter, I
enclose an article which I wrote for a speech on the Christmas Eve in
The Netherlands

Kindly Regards!

Mona Zhimin Tang 15th Feb 2012, Belgium

3. Praying for China on Christmas Eve by Mona Zhimin Tang

Christmas is a painful moment.

Only then I realize what I'm missing as an immigrant in this beautiful
free country.

On request for freedom I participated, as a 20 years old student, in a
demonstration on the Chinese Square Of Heavenly Peace (Tian An Men
Square) in 1989. It turned into a massacre.

Because of that I became a stranger in my own country. In 1995 I came
to the Netherlands. Like an angle back to heaven,I found freedom!

But then the wind started blowing from a totally different direction.

Chinese communists became friends with western capitalists. I
litterally became a medium of exchange.

In the Netherlands I became a mother, four times in a row, exhausted
and run aground. I missed my mother. I missed her so terribly that I
had forgotten the reason why I had left China. In 2005 I went back to
see my mother. But bars awaited me. I was abducted by the Chinese
Secret Service.

Christmas became even colder since then. Unbearable.

In December 1995 I took my leave from the little village of Afang,
deep into the mountains close to Tibet, where I was born and where my
ancestors have lived for generations. I told them I had found an
affectionate Dutch husband. My parents could not stop me.

The night before I left very one stayed awake. My parents, my brothers
and sisters and a few villagers who were also there with us. A Taoist who
was present asked me to pray for China the moment I would cross the

"I hate China", I said.

Then he answered quietly, very quietly: "No, you don't hate China. But
you have to find that out for yourself."

My mother grew up as an orphan. Her parents were considered enemies
when Mao Zedong seized power, because they were wealthier than others.
Possesions and houses that belonged to her family were confiscated and
redistributed. Her father was put in jail and killed there. Nobody
ever mentions it.

Before I left China I was apprehended many many times. On every
occasion I was asked to give a written statement that I love communism
and that I would never speak nor fight against the Communist Party. I
so did. From my childhood days I was educated to recognize the
Communist Party as the mother of the nation. Thus the communist Party
WAS the country of China.

The moment I'm writing this article I'm flooded with information from
G+ , facebook and Skype about revolutions in China. In the village
Wu-Kan in the south of China 20 thousand villagers stand up. From all
over the world Chinese as well as non Chinese are nervously watching
these developments.

This is only ONE example of at least 180.000 Chinese citizen-rebels in 2011!

Before I end up this article I'll quote one paragraph from a manifest
published on internet <Manifesto Cleaning Up The Chinese Communists Party>, written
by a group of authors under the collective name Wo Long, meaning
Hidden Dragon.

We, the citizens of China are operating upon our country. If 1.3
billion Chinese can not live in peace, peace will be only an illusion
to the rest of the world. That is why we have some words for people in
other countries.

Countries that will help us to send back Communist fugitive criminals
with the money they have taken, we will welcome as friends.

Countries who will help in hiding the criminals and the money they
have taken, will be considered as evil as the communists.

Countries who during this operation either invade our country or kill
our citizens can expect a war with 1.3 billion Chinese.

People, 2012 belongs to China!

Mona Zhimin Tang is an author who delivers speeches.

On Christmas eve 2011 she delivers a lecture , info on

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