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Call For Armed Force Agianst Chinese Communists Party by Wo Long

Call For Armed Force Agianst Chinese Communists Party by Wo Long

A country where eminent mountains stand under the clear sun and moon and  shine with glorious beauty is China. It exists since the moment when Heaven emerged. A country where the most of the people grow is China with the longest history of righteousness, with the broadest scope of human love and with many and many manifestations of wisdom.   

Pangu seperated the Chinese Sky from Earth while Nv Wa made the Chinese people. When the Sky was in danger Nv Wa repaired it. Cang Jie created the Chinese characters with disciplined beauty and profound meaning. Yellow Emperor wrote Nei Jing about theory of meridians and energy which miraclely saves people from death.

Three Emperors and Five Kings passed the Heavenly Mandates onon the base of love and righteousness. They all promoted the Middle Way and acted impartially. All of them were chosen by the people. Together with worship to the Heaven and mercy to the people, they began with a history of democracy.

Hundreds Philosophies were result of seeking the good and holy. They were called holy knowledge aimed to flourish China. Yi Jing shows the world of the living and the world of the dead in order to benefit the people by showing the gain, the loss and the chance to change so that people would not be ashamed. Dao De Jing tells that the highest kindness is like water and that the biggest holy person does not need wisdom, because when the Heaven and Earth are both impartial, small wisdom is only good for the stupid. Kong Zi´s Theory tells the Chinese to be dilligent and to be good in order to keep peace and love for the people. Sun Zi´s Art of War tells that the most genius way of winning the war is to prevent the war by subduing the enemy without using weapons. Killing the enemy is the worst way of the war. Meng Zi´s Theory tells that the people is the first then the country and the king is the last.

Hundreds Philosophies are all manifestations of kindness and justice. Because of them, Chinese civilization about love and mercy is spreading. People are living in the Heavenly Peace. This is in fact the root of and the origin of democracy.  

Only Legists Theory of evil Shang Yang talked not about holy knowledge but about how to get power by slavering the people for the wellness of the ruler. Shang Yang was shortly in the favour of the ruler yet became for ever a loser. He died in the laughter without any sympathy. Qin Emperor Ying Zheng conquered other six countries by using of the Legists Theory, yet his victory was just short as passing clouds. That his country Qin shortly disappeared is not a coincidence. The Legists Theory about political reform brought fire to burn himself. His A Fang Palace is therefore burned onto ash because of preordained fate. Persons as Han Fei and Li Si thought themselves as clever by playing with power, laws and regulations. Yet they all deserved violent death.  All villains in the history who lost the way of love and mercy, who played with evil games to manipulate the people and the world according to the Legists Theory died in violence and brought destroying to their family. Thus  a evil law system can not guarantee the existent power. Only with Heavenly principles and social justice, peace can be realised.

Now there is an evil party called Chinese Communists Party which is born out Marx-Leninisms and formed by the Legists Theory and is in the jackets of Chinese holy ones.  Laws and regulations are made to slave the people just like dealing with pigs and dogs.  Invocations are used to mislead the people and make them demented. Heavenly conscience and social justice are no where to find. Teachers and ancestors are assaulted. There are no more nations traditions to be hold on.

CCP talks big while shows bewitched by cajolery. CCP advocates big ambitions while acts eccentric and unreasonable.  At the surface, it seems frank and good, while by deep study it looks like a monkey who wears a hat while its red buttocks is naked. Words like `evil` and `bewitched ` are not strong enough to describe its character.  

CCP tells that the drive of development of history is class struggle, and that killing is the best way to realise class struggle. It is the same to say: Killing makes the society developed. What an absurd theory is that! The human society develops because of cultura and civilization! Killing and torture are bloody barbarity which make people constant in a state of anxiety. How can such persons have the mood to activate their minds? How can they promote culture and civilization?

CCP philosophy promotes that matter determines consciousness. If some one tells that you will get pigs minds because you eat pigs meat, do you believe? You will get cows minds because you eat beef, do you believe?  If some one else says that you will get consciousness of bread because you eat bread, do you believe? You will get consciousness of water because you drink water, do you believe? Of course not. Human consciousness exist independent from matter. To a healthy human mind, all things on earth are like clouds in the sky. Poverty can only make a healthy human mind more determined. A healthy human spirit is as high as the blue sky. How can it be changed by the things on the earth.   

Old Chinese Philosophies emphasize on the motionlessness in heart and on the  alertness in action. When the heart keeps clean and dignified, a person can not be touched by things on earth. To follow CCP philosophy of matter determines consciousness, a person shall definitely absorb vulgarity and filthy at low grade. This person shall gradually be changed into animal at low grade. Today there are many animal like CCP leaders on the power.  CCP philosophy puts the incidental before the fundamental,  overturns the morel principles. It is really the fundamental reason why Chinese mindset is in disorder.   

In the CCP oath, there is no single word about how to serve the country and the people. It is all about to serve the Party at the cost of all people. Normally human beings live in self sufficiency, be satisfied and happy. How dares CCP to coerce all people to sacrify themselves in order to fulfil CCP ideology. Nothing is worse for a human being than to sacrify everything he has. How dares CCP to deprive people of their self sufficiency and happiness? How dares CCP to coerce them to sacrify everything they have in order to fulfil its ideology? If it is not witched craft it can not be explained. It is the CCP´s evil spirit which is haunting China and our Chinese.
CCP goal of Communism is like a pie in the sky and is like touching the moon in the water. Even thousands of years of efforts shall still be in vain. Yet CCP has no sense of shame at all. It dares to intimidate all Chinese people to carry it out. It is as ridiculous as to go the heaven with a ladder, yet do not know where the ladder should be put and how long the ladder should be. Totally lost. It is to delude the people with Communism in order to trample on the blessings of the people.

In the history, a beautiful women Su Daji was possessed by Evil Fox Spirit when she became queen of King  Zhou of the Shang Dynasty. She deluded King Zhou to do lots of inhuman deeds. Anybody who dared to speak it out was killed. She let ministers killed in a awful way. Bi Gan`s heart was taken out his body. E Hou was made into dried meat.  Today, CCP´s evil deeds are not less than that of the Evil Fox Spirit. Killing happens everywhere because of nonsense. During the idiot ten years of Cultural Revolution between 1966 till 1976, people who did not agree were even not allowed to make suicide. They had to be tortured and to be humiliated. CCP Evil Spirit possesses the whole China and makes all Chinese miserable They `can not die and neither live`.

In the history, People like Mr. Zhou served the country and the people diligently and finally won the support. When King Cheng was too young to govern, Mr. Zhou did it in the name of him against lots of criticism. Mr. Zhou was not annoyed by the criticism, instead, he worked very hard to make the country’s laws according to heavenly conscience . To save people’s lives from death punishment. To make music regulations to soften the society. When King Cheng became adult he gave the power back. He won finally the understanding of the people. Yet CCP today is doing on the opposite. CCP names itself great while acts cruelly. Everybody who gives criticisms is punished with heavy crime as Anti Party, Anti China and Subverting the Nation´s Security. If they are not dead and they are suffered.  Any political party and country can be discussed about freely, Why CCP not?  CCP is in fact Evil Spirit as Su Daji in the history. This is the only reason why CCP rejects any criticism.      

The CCP oath requires its members to be absolutely loyal and put the party benefit as the highest. It requires all members to sacrify everything they have voluntarily. CCP requires also every Chinese people to act like this, even if they are not party members. Anybody who is not loyal and is not willing to sacrify for the party is killed cruelly, like the wind wipes the dead leaves in the autumn. People who are not born in a red family are all targets for killing. Where is heavenly rights for a human being? How dares CCP to kidnap all Chinese people as slaves? Position of a person is not born. Birth is not in the hands of a person himself. Each person is born equal. Yet CCP ruins all this heavenly principles Besides the killing of the so called the Black Fives, CCP drives also people to enjoy killing each other. Whenever a killing happens, people are shouting because of enjoyment. Evil Spirit! No human being can act like this.

People can not live without eating food. Yet CCP keeps `better grass of socialism than harvest of capitalism`. Under this slogan people became blind and proud of having nothing. They began competing in poverty. They began to hate intensive cultivating and careful work. At the end, 40 million people died of starving.

People of virtue should be seen as teachers, because those people know how to educate. When the society loves to learn from virtuous persons, morality and civilization shall emerge. Yet CCP promotes ideas such as `the more knowledge, the more rebel` and sees teachers as `Old Smelly Nine`. CCP calls whose who can not read as big wiser and began with Learn From The Masses Movement. This is in fact to deceive the people and to confuse the people. It is in fact to ruin the virtuous teachings, to fool the people, to magnify the evil and the bad, to humiliate the good, to overturn the natural human relations, to confuse the morality.  CCP acts exactly at the opposite of the natural principle about Existence and Nonexistence.  Today, natural human relations are collapsed, social morality is undone. Our country China is no longer a country of morality. Our Chinese people is no longer a people of gentleman ship.  This is an other iron evidence of CCP Evil Spirit is ruining China.

The First thirty years of CCP government looked great yet it was a military government. Barbarity and cruelty brought the country backwards. Those military officers did not understand the natural way of the Heaven and Earth. Did not observe the subtleness of human hearts. Did not advocate the virtuous teachings. They did popularize the Theory of the Legists. They did override the people and humiliate the people. They did land into the trap of nonsense struggles between the Lefts and the Rights. They did cut their own feet. They did forbid freedom. They did isolate them selves and the country. They did make towering crimes. They did kill numerous innocents. They did change Chinese ground into a hell. They did changed Chinese blue sky into bloody red.

When the country was still in the shock of wars, suppressing the Anti´s has began. When the cultural wind was not in the air, knocking down the Rights has began. Great Leap Forwards turned out to be extremely cruel. Either culture and humanity was murdered. Everybody turned out be a god of death and every where turned out to be hell.  Civilization is hurt. Kindness is lost. Morality is humiliated. Dignity is insulted. Couples became enemies. Brothers killed each other. Sons fought against fathers. Students hated the teachers.  Ferocity grew. Barbarity became a trend. Both heavenly compassion and punishment were forgotten. No where was humanity but fairyhood. It could not be anything else but the demon´s reincarnation. It is true that Evil CCP Spirit is reincarnated specially to insult China and her people.

In the second thirty years of CCP government, people get enough warmth and food. Yet it is not due to CCP´s achievement. It is due to less restrictions of CCP.  Yet this achievement of Chinese people is followed by heavy taxes in order to feed CCP ´s huge organisation which is parasitic on the people and the country.  When healthy atmosphere is not mature, corruption becomes trendy. Misuse of the law and power becomes normal.  When civilization is not stable, evil influence becomes in vogue. Lies and deceiving tricks are made to confuse the people. When industry is not rising, pollution goes first. Mountains and rivers are damaged. Eyes dare not to look at them. Roads and rails are disconnected for renewing. Yet no road or rail can exist more than ten years. Houses and buildings are torn down for new. Yet  no building can exist more than 25 years at the average .

It is a joke. Our China has a history of five thousand years long, yet none of our buildings can exist fifty years long! It is really the result of CCP tricks to make false appearance to be looked good. It is like taking firewood from the fire. It is like drink poison to quench the thirst. Repeating building constantly is bothering the normal life constantly. Only communists headed persons are in position while good and talented persons are squeezed out. Tradition of recommending the good and giving way to the able is abandoned. Brian washing the people with communists ideology takes the place of educating the people. Eyes do not see further in the distance. Minds do not think in long terms. Rat eyes indeed. All these are evidence that CCP is reincarnated by rats spirit to harm China.     

After CCP seized the power, all CCP does is show the world how magnificent Communism is. All CCP activities are drawing a pizza which can not be eaten and touching the moon in water, without result
Right after the establishment of the PRC, CCP cut all diplomatic relationship with western countries in order to draw a line with the so-called capitalists countries. Old Chinese wisdom says: `A kind person, I treat with kindness. An unkind person, I treat also with kindness. I will therefore win the kindness.`  A wise statesman changes others from the heart. How is it possible to close all the diplomatic doors?  This is fact one to show that Communisms is only burdensome.

During the Korean War, CCP army suffered with numerous injuries and death because CCP army was an isolated force into the war area, with a very long warfront and with inefficient supply. This war was avoidable. But in order to keep the Communists false name, several hundreds of thousand Chinese soldiers died and the nations  economy stagnated. This is fact two to show Communism is only burdensome.

During the so-called Great Lead Forwards, in order to affirm that Communism is better than capitalism, CCP launched industrial competition with England and with America. All Chinese are driven to make steel and iron without any mental and technical preparing. At the end 40 million people died. CCP really does not understand that the way to govern a country is to follow the natural way. CCP affirms in fact that Communisms is backwards. This is fact 3 to show that Communism is only burdensome.

In order to be the number one of the Communists Block, CCP has supported small communists countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America with lots of goods and money while Chinese people themselves do not have enough to eat and to keep warm. Such actions cost not only lives of Chinese people It costs also the name of China. CCP government is therefore labelled as supporter of terrorists. Therefore it has brought isolation to China in diplomacy. Such stupid actions have never occurred in the Chinese history. This is fact 4 to show that Communism is only burdensome.

Fighting is the origin of Communism while violence is the reality. Human lives are seen as worthless grass. It drives people into the trap of struggles about the Lefts and the Rights and therefore live under unknown fear. It aims on the narrow scoped Communists ideology and restricts free ideas from spreading. It has driven the people into foolishness, education into decline, science and technology into narrow stream.  Communism has blocked the development of the society and is therefore thrown away as waste matter. Yet CCP defends it till death and makes it as holy. CCP government is in fact planning to keep the damage of the red monster continuing for ever. This shall finally bring dead end to everybody, including CCP it self. This is fact 5 to show that Communism is only burdensome.

In order to affirm that Communisms is right and great, CCP makes lies, creates false appearances, kills the reality.  It is frenzied and has made towering crimes. Its benefits worship chokes wisdom and has caused foolish deeds. False name of Communism has left lots of jokes.

Communism has made our people weak, has harmed our mind, has killed our people, has damaged our country. It is not acceptable. There is zero tolerance! Therefore we stand up to wipe it out in order to have our happiness back. 

I Wo Long, with fake name Wo Long which means Hidden Dragon, am no talent who dares to talk about ordering the heaven and the earth. I wish all Chinese are hidden dragons. When one day we fly in the sky, our China shall also fly.

Evil and misfortunate CCP is haunting our China and has made our people dirty. Yet China has a good fundament of thousands of years. When the Chinese understand the reality, they will feel the natural way and know the misfortune. They will drive the evil CCP into the wilderness. They will wipe the violence out from their hearts. They will turn back to worship the Heaven and to love our people. They will turn out to be merciful and affection able. `In a house where kindness is worshiped, kindness shall grow . In a house where badness is accumulated, badness shall take the place.` This is our tradition which is the origin of Chinese happiness and civilization. How can such a worthy tradition die because of evil and misfortune?
I love virtuous teachings of old Chinese from a very young age and learn from them.  I lean from them to be merciful, to love and to respect others . I learn to cultivate in justice and fairness. I see my mission as to make China ´s beauty seen by following Heaven and people. I learn to observe carefully in order to find the right moment. I learn to stay calm and reasonable when big changes happen. I learn to be fearless to take responsibility and to dare to be the first who stands up for justice. At this moment, I see that it is time to clean up the CCP Evil. China has suffered more than enough. Both people and Heaven are angry about CCP´s  crime. Dirty water wishes to have cleanness. Real Chinese wish to have justice. That is why I write Manifesto Cleaning Up the Chinese Communists Party. On behalf of Heaven, my writing manifests justice, explained in details. It shall help people stay far away from evil and crime. It shall help them to drive the Evil CCP Spirit away from our living space.

I know that morning wind lasts not long, either the raining storm. No vicious government lasts for hundred years. No monstrous disaster lasts for years. Yet today, CCP as real monster who has made towering crimes by harming our China, confusing our morality, destroying our homes, does have lasted for 90 years! It sounds ridiculous. People begin to doubt if Heavenly justice does exist. Yes, it does. Such an evil CCP has no other way out than punishment. It is now the right moment to throw it down. It seems huge, yet it is an empty sham. It seems violent, yet it is over the limit thus is in declining.

It has been long since China and the Chinese are living in cowardice. It has been long since Chinese civilization is in declining. It has been long since the Chinese have been targets of killing. It has been long since disasters are haunting China. It has been long since diseases are spreading on the Chinese ground.  I, a Chinese descendent, am born to show that China is a civilized nation, am born to deliver our people from CCP danger. I am born at the right moment and love to stay pure in the nature. I have studied much from the wise old Chinese in the history and I am determined to carry out my mission. I live diligently every day and dare not to be lazy. I am following heavenly disciplines strictly as that the heaven is on my head. If I had hold one single unreasonable mind, I would request it deeply in my heart. If I had hold one single selfish thinking, I would be shocked and would not fall in sleep peacefully.     

At this extremely special moment,  only joint forces can contend with the cruel CCP. Thus, I pray Heaven shall allow me to be helped by the people. I pray that those who get a peach from me shall give melon fields in return and those who get a bottle of water from me shall give a flowing spring in return. I pray wherever this manifesto goes, people shall stand up for justice and that CCP spirit shall disappear. I pray that all Chinese shall be impartial and be righteous. I pray that we shall uphold the heavenly circulation and uphold our civilization.   

I do not have to take such a big responsibility on my own shoulders. Yet it is the assignment of Heaven which I may not refuse. Nowadays Chinese people are mostly brain washed by CCP ideology. Many are focusing on benefits and personal desires. Few are really pure in the heart. Those who have my talents do not have my merciful love. If I refuse to carry out this mission, China shall fall in trap again. Chinese shall suffer more. China shall suffer from separating. I wish all Chinese shall become good and kind. But at this moment, if  nobody stands up to take the big responsibility, good Chinese sons and daughters shall act like a group of dragons without head. I am afraid that more people shall be killed. This shall be the last thing that our ancestors and Heaven want to see. 

Our China has suffered from such big disasters that nobody dares to add one single more. Has suffered from such big humiliations that nobody dares to add one single piece more. All of us shall seek a way to let our people enjoy the normal life and happiness. We shall all try to find a way to built our China into a big family without walls and forbidden cities. Those who misuse this chance to humiliate our country , take our land and goods or kill our people shall be challenged with a war of 2 billion Chinese worldwide.

I swear: I have no benefit above our people, I have no power above our people. I shall keep righteous and follow the middle way. I shall resign when my mission is done. What I am doing now is not for to be account as scores to stay in power. If our people are safe I will be satisfied. Freedom and equality are for all Chinese. I am only aimed to create the possibility for our people to rebuilt Chinese civilization. If I deviate from this promise, Heaven and Earth may abandon me and everybody may kill me. If I keep this promise, please recommend me and help me. By doing this you are helping in fact yourself. 

Peace shall only be realised when the society follows heavenly conscience. Today in China, officials are wolves and tigers who drink blood from our people. They do not know and do not care that big catastrophe is coming. Since May 2011, citizen rebels are everywhere. Compliments are flooding like water. People bear not longer CCP humiliation. In Nei Meng, Shan Dong, Jiang Xi, Hu Nan, Hu Bei, Tian Jin, Guang Dong and so on, people are holding the idea of either to be killed or to use violence to destroy public and private buildings. Both police and the people are suffering and have caused big economic loss.

Civil society with transparency in government information is the tendency of the world´s development. Evil CCP shall not any longer cover or overturn the truth. People shall not any longer be cheated. Thus a small incidence can trigger into a big change. Great catastrophe can happen at any moment if injustice is done. I am afraid that not only CCP shall go death but also Chinese country shall also be burned. I am afraid that jade shall be damaged together with stones. If this happens, it is all CCP officials´ guilty. CCP officials, how short minded you are. Give benefits back to the people. Now. Stop with making crimes against the people. Give up the power. There is then possibility to save your family, to enjoy peaceful life and to keep your goods.

He who is on power, you must shout in the voice of justice. If not, the moment when your voice is heard, is the moment when you die. People listen only to the voice of justice. We refuse to listen to the voice of injustice. Sounds of weapon shall be heard from in front of you and also from behind you.
Evil CCP Spirit which is haunting China and which has made towering crimes against Chinese deserves punishment beyond the redemption. Yet Heaven has a virtue which is called compassion.  Thinking about that CCP persons are all deluded by Marxists and Maoists evil spirits,   Heaven gives me assignment to explain all arguments in details in order to educate those possessed ones. Heaven gives me assignment to show mercy in order to help the stubborn.  Heaven does want to save the Heavenly circulation in order to save thousands upon thousands of people from revenging. Thus I wish all CCP persons shall feel the justice and be touched in their heart whenever they hear this manifesto. I wish that they shall put crime and violence aside. I wish that love and compassion shall grow in their heart. Only by this they can pass the punishment. If so, only so, a demon can become fairy, a monster can become a human. If they keep on making crimes and doing evil, they shall be punished with heavenly beating and thunderous splitting. Their family and children shall also be punished.

I am determined to deliver our China and our people from danger caused by CCP Evil Spirit. I shall wipe the evil deeds of CCP away with snow on the Kun Lun Mountain. I shall wash the evil character of evil CCP away with water in the East Sea. Thus I, in accordance with the Heavenly Conscience and the big compassion, release here ten decrees for general pardon. If CCP persons listen to my decrees and stop with doing evil, put the power aside, dismiss the evil Chinese Communists Party, seal up the storerooms for safekeeping, wait for the future leader with virtue, shall be delivered from punishment. If not, they shall be sure punished without mercy.

One, When CCP persons hear or read this manifesto, they begin with thinking deeply about their crimes and are touched by compassion and understand my arguments and become kind and benevolent, all crimes they have made are forgiven. If they keep on arguing with nonsense CCP evil ideology or with some other evil words to cover the truth or to slander the manifesto. They shall be punished.  

Two, When CCP persons hear or read this manifesto, they take initiative to make a confess about their crimes, work actively together with justice and help spreading this manifesto, they shall be delivered from punishment. If they take advantage of social change and declare themselves head of sub government and accumulate private armed force, they shall be punished.

Three, When CCP persons hear or read this manifesto, they take initiative to confess their crimes, allow and protect the people to express freely. If they work actively to save our people’s life and quit their jobs by CCP government at triggered moments. They shall be delivered from punishment. If they keep on carrying the CCP orders out to imprison our people, they shall be punished.
Four, When CCP persons hear or read this manifesto, give the army back to the country and defend enemy outside China and serve for the Chinese people. If they refuse to listen to CCP orders but listen to the future leader with great virtue, they shall be delivered from punishment. If the CCP army persons listen to CCP orders to interfere freedom of the people or help depress the people, they shall be punished.

Five, when this manifesto is widely heard or read, people shall take actions. They shall stand up to protest. If CCP policemen quit their jobs or keep the protests actions free, they shall be delivered from their crimes in the past. If they listen to CCP orders to imprison the activists or humiliate them, they shall be punished.  

Six, When those CCP employed writers and public speakers hear or read this manifesto and change their mind and seek purity in their hearts and stop with their bad deeds, they shall be delivered from their evil deeds in the past. If they keep on helping CCP with evil propaganda to confuse the people, they shall be punished.

Seven, When hear or read this manifesto, CCP persons and those CCP hand friends who make unjustified benefits take initiative to donate the money which belongs to our people, and transfer those money back to China which is already transferred to foreign counties and contribute to the national treasure, they shall be delivered from their crimes in the past and are allowed to keep their salary part or justified part. If they take advantage of the social change and take money which does not belong to them away and hide in other places, they shall be punished.  

Eight, When hear or read this manifesto, CCP persons help with protecting of national goods and people´s private goods and property, they shall be delivered from their crimes in the past. If not, they shall be punished.

Nine, When hear and read this manifesto, CCP persons stop with destroying forests and houses, stop with disconnecting the roads, rails, stop with polluting rivers, change their attitude to the workers, respect the rights of the workers, they shall be delivered from their crimes in the past. If not, they shall be punished.

Ten, when hear or read this manifesto, CCP top officials take actions to dismiss evil Chinese Communists Party, take distance from the CCP while stay in position for the country and wait and help peaceful transition of new government, they shall be delivered from their crime in the past. If they keep on fighting against this manifesto and keep on holding the evil CCP ideology and block social development to democracy, they shall be punished.

In this ten decrees above, `CCP persons` means beside CCP members also persons who are employed by CCP.  From the ones who shall be delivered from their crimes, a selection shall be made on the base of good deeds and shall be prized. From who shall be punished, a selection shall be made on the base of bad deeds and shall be punished even more heavier. When CCP persons take money from Chinese people, they have benefited their family and children. That is why their family and children shall also be punished. Even if they escape to the end of the heaven they shall be followed just on the manner when the NAZI criminals are followed.  Thus I sugest that CCP persons need to think and rethink about if their money is clean and if their heart is righteous. I do hope that they understand what is going on at this moment. I do hope that they put evil deeds and thoughts aside and join in the people. I do hope that they have good reason not to agree with me. 

We, Chinese descendents, are operating upon our country for upholding righteousness and civilization. Our purpose is to seek peace for 2 billion Chinese worldwide. If 2 billion Chinese on the earth do not live in peace, peace is only an illusion for the rest of the world. China in the history was a nation who loves peace and has never invaded others countries. But if some countries take advantage of this special moment and invade our country or kill our people, they can wait for a challenge of war no matter how far and how difficult it shall be. That is why we have some words for foreign countries:  

Countries that will help us to send back Communist fugitive criminals with the money they have taken, we will welcome as friends.

Countries who will help in hiding the criminals and the money they have taken, will be considered as evil as the communists.

Countries who during this operation either invade our country or kill our citizens can expect a war with 2 billion Chinese world wide.

Chinese descendents are bearing thousands of years civilization, is it possible that we stoop our country because of Evil CCP´s haunting? Chinese children and grand children are holding virtue and morality, is it possible that we kill our own people because of Evil CCP ´s violence? No. of course not. We need to love our people, We need to uphold our nation. We need to uphold our civilization. We need to strengthen our country. We need to be tolerant. We need to stand with dignity. We need let our love fill the universe.  

I know that CCP persons are greedy and are addicted to power and that they hold no as yes. I know that they shall not be willing to put evil deeds aside. In order to avoid exchange violence with violence, to avoid damaging jade together with stones, I once again point out that I wish the CCP persons shall understand our righteous cause and that they shall be awaken and that they shall feel our love and compassion, that they shall listen to my decrees and put crimes down. Only so, CCP persons can keep living further, can keep their family whole, can hold their justified money and can enjoy freedom. This shall also be great happiness for our country besides be great happiness of getting new life of CCP persons. Think about it. Rethink about it.  

Now we swear that we wish all Chinese shall work together to participate in the rebuilding of our country, reviving our civilization and our morality, flourishing love and winning in peace for Chinese and non Chinese. 

To eliminate the evil CCPwe announce righteousness on behalf of Heaven. We order Chinese Communists Party be dismissed on the 6th meeting of the 17th congress. From the moment when this meeting is completed which it is planned on the 31st of October 2011, we announce that all CCP activities from then on as illegal and shall be put in lawsuits in the future. Either is the CCP membership.  Those members who confess their guilty and their crimes in the past shall be delivered from punishment. We order all property in ownership of our country and that the CCP members may not make use of it. CCP members who work together for a transitional government shall be free from punishment.  If not, we shall organise the army of justice and make decisive battles with the CCP Evil. Where righteousness is heard, the CCP army shall become our army of justice. When every body bear righteousness, every body shall be member of our army of justice. We shall then determine the victory.  We bear Heaven´s order and shall begin with organising from the 21st of May 2012 national actions to throw the evil and violent CCP government down. We foresee that  CCP Evil Spirit disappear in no time and that justice and love shall come back to the Chinese society. CCP persons who keep on resisting shall have their body smashed into pieces.

We have explained everything carefully in details. We reserve tolerance for CCP persons and we wait to see that they become human and join in our national actions. If some CCP persons resist our actions of justice, and if before the 31st of October 2013 they have not dismissed the evil party CCP and have not stopped with evil activities, we shall punish the nine members of the politburo of central committee with extreme death penalty. Children of them shall also be punished with life long imprisonment. Without general pardon, they shall never be free again.       

Bearing Heavenly justice, I have wrote this manifesto. I have no selfish mind and it is seen by Heaven and Earth. I have done this for our China and our Chinese people and it is observed by the sun and the moon. This manifesto shall function as rule. Everybody need to believe in, without ignorance!

Wo Long
China, 15th of June 2011

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